Myths busted: Download winzo app now from both mobile and PC

With the evolution of the money-earning gaming hub, people got hold of a fantastic choice to earn money. While there are so many apps you can get on the online market, the only prime criteria you need to search for is seamlessness.

GetMega is one of the most amazing applications that lets you play online games reasonably, amongst other gaming apps. Even the Winzo app is no exception. So, when you proceed with the Winzo app download, know that Winzo is a fantasy gaming platform that lets you earn money while enjoying fantasy games online.

The developers of this application have made it convincing for gamers to enjoy intuitive gameplay besides a seamless user interface. In fact, even its leaderboard score is also amazing. But the game has been believed to be associated with some misconceptions because it’s a fantasy game, and in a world of full-fledged gaming, fantasy game still has some myths associated with it.

If you are someone who thinks that fantasy games will cost you an arm and a leg while playing, hold on! Here’s presenting the multiple myths associated with fantasy gaming. Let’s read through the post and learn further on this front.

Fantasy gaming has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Indian economy. A large chunk of the population plays some fantasy game or the other. But with the growing popularity of these games, some myths and misconceptions about fantasy sports have cropped up. Here we look at 6 of them.

The first myth: Playing fantasy sports is not legal

And who said so? Going by the reports, India has already now surpassed the world’s biggest fantasy sports market, and that’s the US. Playing fantasy sports for real money and even for free gets considered a legal activity. That was reinforced by the verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that clearly describes that fantasy sports games are the game of skills game of skill & cannot be considered equal to gambling.

There’s so much difference between rolling dice, tossing coins, and picking the team on this type of game played on the Winzo app. The first activities get governed purely by luck, while fantasy sports solely require players to use their skills and expertise to win the game.

The second myth: Fantasy sports are addictive

Yes, it is, but that does not mean it will not let a player concentrate on anything else. How you think it to entirely depend on you because it’s within someone’s effort and zeal either get addicted to the game or utilize it as a perfect digital sport to enjoy during leisure. So, some people are more prone to it than others. Considering any other entertaining activity, fantasy sports may sound addictive to you. However, the apps such as Winzo have ample safeguards built-in. You may set your own limits on the amount you wish to use to enter a contest. 

The third myth: Fantasy sports are copies of the real-world games

Although there are similarities between real-life and fantasy games, there’s a huge mistake to consider that conventional sporting strategies and thoughts may make you a victorious player. Every fantasy game comprises its own scoring system, having extra weightage given to multiple factors and actions.

The same goes true for fantasy football and cricket, where one only needs to pick one team, which lines up in the 5-4-1 formation. So when it becomes important to get the concept of sports, comprehending that it’s a universe in itself may help you get a better idea of it. You need to play sports in order to win these games. A couple of game senses & cursory knowledge of players included help a bit; however, it’s your strategies that help you win the game. 

A successful player will know all quirks in a scoring system and the best way to take advantage of them. They will also appreciate the thought that it is not always the top-notch or A-graded players who perform well every time. The winners also need their luck besides their skills & expertise.

And it goes without saying that there’s the element of luck involved in the fantasy games like in a majority of real-world games. The caption might get injured halfway through the game, or any unknown substitute might enter and become the center-stage attraction. However, a great deal of thought just goes into choosing the right team.

In that respect, a player controls their destiny when they proceed with Winzo app download. And there’s no way that he can promise to roll two sixes on the dice or play a lottery – which is based upon chances. So, when it’s about fantasy sports, luck may just be an important part of the game & not the ultimate thing that denotes your victory. For best info, you can visit GetMega and learn further about fantasy games.

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