Online Slots featuring Augmented Reality

Slots have recently seen a boom in development, especially in online casinos or gaming sites. These games have become even more immersive and appealing to people thanks to new technology. With many themes that are being constantly added, and features unique to each game, it’s no wonder that more and more people are enjoying playing slots online. 

What’s Augmented Reality?

Commonly known as AR, this type of reality is an enhanced, interactive version of a real-world environment that’s typically developed using a mix of audio and graphic elements, along with other sensory technology to enhance them. It uses a combination of both digital and physical worlds, 3D of both virtual and real objects, along with real-time interactions to successfully achieve AR.

It can add an extra dimension to games, including online slots and video games, making them more immersive in the process. Games are not only becoming more immersive, thanks to the graphics and sounds but also more reactive according to how an individual actually plays it.

How does it work?

AR requires artificial intelligence (AI) to work, with software acting as the tools for players to access it in slots and other games. For the software and AI to work, processing power is needed to work alongside the device’s operating system to produce a good AR experience. Decent, or compatible, lenses are needed for the images to appear as realistic as possible. Furthermore, sensors are also required to absorb data about the environment the player is in so that both the real and digital worlds can align. A player’s camera captures the relevant information that’s then sent via the software to be processed before churning out the AI for them.

Are there other types of reality?

It’s well worth knowing about the other versions of digitally enhanced reality that are out there, just so you can distinguish between them and AR. Now, we already touched on what AR is, but in a nutshell, it’s digital elements that are layered over real images, often in real time. In contrast, virtual reality, or VR, immerses players in a virtual world. This means there are more than just images that pop up on their screens, as they find themselves in a totally different virtual environment.

When AR and VR are combined, it’s known as mixed reality. This is a blend of both the real and digital worlds and is based on technological advancements. People may be surprised to find that they already use it if they use Instagram or Snapchat filters or virtual furniture apps. An umbrella term, extended reality (XR) covers all of these and any other tech that enhances our senses.

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Augmented reality allows game operators to take games, including online slots, to the next level of gaming, which is great for anyone that enjoys playing them. They’ll not only become more immersive but enable game developers to add more to their games than they ever thought possible. In turn, this adds extra elements to games that will keep players interested in playing them. Just think the humble slot game started out as a physical machine. Its versatility now knows no bounds. 

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