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Top Relaxing Games for iPhone

Are you looking for a way to clear your head and relax? Often, people find themselves stressed out with a hectic schedule and lack of time. However, do not fear. There are many ways to unwind from the stress that accompanies modern adulthood easily.  Relaxing iPhone games offer an innovative,

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5 Best Practices of Regression Testing

The tester must identify all points where changes were made and then update the test cases accordingly. Introduction: What is Regression Testing? Software regression testing is the process of verification that new or changed software behavior matches the expected behavior. When bugs are fixed, software changes are made, or new

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Fun Things That You Can Use Your Phone For

It’s ridiculous to think how far our phones have come since they were initially invented. What was initially brick-sized boxes of wires that could only make or receive calls now forms our entire society’s absolute foundation. Whether it is your personal or your professional life, you are going to need

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How the smartphone has changed our lives

The era of smartphones has revolutionized how we work and do everything. What started as a way to stay connected to the people we love has turned into a device that we cannot do without. Smartphones have taken over every aspect of our lives, and by knowing what these areas

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