Six Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Smartphone

Gaming Smartphones and Factors to Consider

Gaming and mobiles are both rising in popularity, and more people than ever are having fun with video games on their mobiles. In no particular order, here are some of the biggest factors to bear in mind before choosing which gaming smartphone is right for you.

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Screen Size and Resolution

This is one of the biggest differences between console/PC gaming and playing on a mobile device. Even a small TV screen/monitor is massive compared to the largest mobile screen currently available. On the other hand, a mobile is meant to be easily carried and fit in pockets without trouble.

The suitability of screen size is largely down to what sort of games you are going to be playing. Puzzle games typically have large game elements and bright colors that are easy to distinguish, making them easier to see clearly on relatively small screens. In addition, resolution matters just as much as how big the screen is (go back to a PS2 era game before even 720p was a thing and you will see an astonishing decline in graphics just based on resolution).

Performance and Online Connectivity

It seems mobile generations are getting quicker and quicker, and now we’re into a 5G world. Therefore, a device that features 5G will be faster on the downloading front than 4G (and much faster than 3G). But this is not the only thing that matters, of course. A modern mobile is effectively a mini-computer, and the performance afforded by the hardware will dictate much of your gaming experience, from graphical settings you can run without lag, hangs, and freezes, through to whether you can handle a game at all. Once again, this depends largely on the type of game you’re after, with puzzle games easy on the hardware relative to some others. Rocket League is just one of the good examples amongst the latest games ported to mobile that is not too tough on hardware.


Generally, smartphones vary from 64GB up to 512GB, which is incredible when considering the 1.44MB floppy disk was used extensively within living memory. However, the size of memory is not the only thing that matters (and mobile games tend to be not too large when it comes to file sizes). Gamers should also consider RAM, with 2-12GB the gaming range. Obviously the higher you go, the better the performance, and preference might be determined not only by how often you play but the types of games you’re into.

Battery Life

Battery life is the yin to the yang of mobile convenience. Being able to play on the go comes with the price of knowing that if your battery’s running on fumes soon you won’t be able to play at all. And this is not just a matter of how long a full charge lasts, but also how long it takes for the charging process to complete. If you’re kicking your heels waiting for your mobile to be fully charged that’s wasted time.


Shoulder buttons are common on controllers but rare on smartphones, including gaming phones. The exception to this is high-end gaming smartphones, and they can significantly improve your gameplay experience so you can have more fun in single player and more wins in multiplayer. Just as the guy with the fastest, highest resolution desktop has an advantage, so does the mobile gamer with shoulder buttons, though most smartphones do not have them as yet.


Everyone has a budget, and it’s critical to cut your cloth according to your means. Obviously, the aim is to tick every box and do so in an affordable way, but if you cannot manage this (and lack the time or patience to save) then focus on the key things that matter most to you as a gamer, bearing in mind whether you’re into FPS, puzzle games, or something else entirely. Gaming is getting more popular on Android smartphones and devices by various manufacturers, but the cost is still something that has to be kept in mind.

And that completes our look at six important factors to consider when buying yourself a gaming smartphone. Good luck, and don’t forget to give your thumbs a rest every so often.

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