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How has it all started?

Today our world is getting tremendously digitalized. Vaping is one of the most progressive industries in our world. Therefore it couldn’t be left without the attention of digital experts. That’s how such apps have appeared on the market.

Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that vape pens are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes are. Not surprisingly, most vape pens users are ex-smokers of tobacco cigarettes trying to quit. However, alienation from a bad habit requires not only the desire of the smoker but also external control because to get rid of the addiction alone is much more difficult due to the lack of objectivity of the addict in relation to their actions within the addiction. Also, often vape pens users try to quit without a clear plan, and because of this, their attempts to quit the habit are unsuccessful. Fortunately, there are now many applications that make the smoking cessation and vaping processes more controlled.

Therefore, choosing the five best applications for vaping, you should pay attention to those that help to best control the process of vaping. This will help those who are trying to quit smoking to get rid of the bad habit. Those who are just enjoying their best vape pens ( will help get the most out of this process.

So, here is a list of the five best applications for vaping:

E-Cig Diary

This is an application for those who are into the world of electronic cigarettes. With the application “E-Cig Diary,” you can adequately calculate the number of substances consumed, the amount of savings, the number of saved days of life, the amount of nicotine you use per day, etc. In addition, thanks to this application, you can combine various liquids under the supervision of the application for your best vape pen for e-liquid. It will warn you in case of choosing a toxic combination, or in case the mix you have made up will be almost impossible to implement.

You can check the characteristics of your vape pen with a practical “multimeter.” The app will help you calculate your device’s battery life, which will allow you to calculate the need to charge the device and will not leave your best vape pen discharged at times when it is needed. In addition, the application has an “E-Liquid Meter,” which calculates the amount of liquid left inside the cigarette. And finally, in this application, you can find much high-quality and true information about vaping.

NHS SmokeFree

It is an application that mobilizes and systematizes your efforts to give up smoking. The application developers offer the user a program for four weeks (which is not accidental because, given the scientific research, this amount of time in 5 cases minimizes the chances of returning to a bad habit). The program is designed to provide the user with daily support and purposely designed tasks that will mobilize them in their efforts to get rid of tobacco addiction. As in the previous application, the “NHS SmokeFree” application has a unique calculator that helps to calculate the savings from abstinence from tobacco cigarettes.


This application is not only for you but also for scientists who study people quitting smoking. So by downloading this application, you have a chance to contribute to the development of science, and accordingly, take care not only of yourself but also of future generations. More than ten people quit smoking per hour thanks to this application. Its secret is a combination of many (more than forty) scientifically based methods to get rid of tobacco smoking. In addition, the program compiles various graphics that help track your smoking cravings. Also, thanks to the PRO version, it is possible to make a smoking cessation plan that meets your individual needs, which can also be done with the help of a consultant. The program also includes daily interactive tasks that will help to combat bad habits more effectively.

Vape Boss

This is probably one of the top apps you see when you google information about apps for vapers. This is because “Vape Boss” is not a simple app; it is a full-fledged online space for vapers with the ability to shop, news, social networks, share photos, tips, and much more. Accordingly, this platform would open up a multifaceted world of vaping for the user. The advantage of having such a large flow of information is avoiding manipulation due to the vast flow of information. Therefore, thanks to the broad flow of information about vaping, the user will be able to learn the truth about a particular vape product.

The application was launched in 2014 as a universal and free product for vapers. Since then, it has managed to unite a large number of people and their experiences. With just a few mouse clicks or swipes, users can find nearby stores, locations for their favorite e liquids, product reviews, and a platform to buy, sell, or share vape products.

Ohm’s Law

This online calculator allows you to determine the relationship between the current, voltage, and resistance of a conductor in electrical circuits. Among other similar applications, Ohm’s Law is simple and easy to use.


Finally, there exist many applications that help users control the vaping process. From quit-oriented smoking to those that make the vaping process clearer, more convenient, and more controlled. It is important not to get lost in this variety of applications. Therefore, before choosing an application and scrolling through their lists, you should decide what you would like from this app and then choose according to those functions you think are essential.

Whatever supplement you choose, we wish you to take care of your health and good luck quitting smoking!

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