Ultimate Mobile Gaming Accessory Guide

When it comes to the latest gaming accessories, most peripherals are designed for PC and console gamers. PC gamers tend to focus on keeping their desktops optimized for their keyboards and mice, while console gamers are instead focused on creating a comfortable spot in front of the TV.

But as mobile gaming becomes more popular around the world, designers are now focusing on how to optimize the mobile gaming experience. So far, most of the top mobile gaming accessories focus on tech challenges like battery power and audio. However, not every mobile gaming peripheral is electronic.

In fact, some of them are surprisingly simple. Are you looking to take your mobile gaming to the next level? Consider investing in some of these handy accessories.

Blue-Light Blockers

Some casual gamers prefer to log onto an online casino to unwind after a long day at the office. Rather than make it to the next level of Subway Surfer, they want to shop around for a new slot title or play a live game of roulette. The idea is to relax and have fun before turning in for the night.

Wearing ‘blue-light blockers’, as the glasses are sometimes called, make it easier for your eyes to focus on a screen—especially after a day staring at a computer for work. Glasses can now be bought at certain tech stories, along with optometrists and glasses shops.

Gamer Grips & Triggers: For Fingers and Controllers

A ‘gamer grip’ is a colloquial term used for devices that help steady a smartphone and avoid slipping. The most popular type of gamer grip functions as a joystick controller. These devices fit on the outside of a smartphone to optimize the gameplay experience for mobile titles that are played horizontally rather than vertically.

Keep in mind that gamer grip controllers can be a bit pricey, and might be optimized for only some mobile titles. A gamer grip for fingers might be a better solution for someone who plays a range of mobile titles. These are silicon slips that fit over the thumb and pointer finger. This makes it easier to navigate on a glass screen and gives the gamer more control over precise finger movements.

Triggers might also be a good investment. Like controller grips, these are usually optimized for certain types of mega-popular games, from PUBG: Mobile to Garena Free Fire. Triggers are small pieces of hardware that fix to your smartphone and make it easy to ‘trigger’ gameplay mechanics, like shooting in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Adjustable Phone Stand

As mentioned above, gamers can face eye strain that makes it difficult to focus. The same goes for neck strain, as holding a smartphone in a certain position for too long can cause tension and stiffness. One of the easiest ways to avoid putting too much stress on the neck is to opt for an adjustable phone stand that will adapt to almost any circumstance.

Some phone stands are designed to sit on a flat surface, then let the user adjust the height and angle of the phone. However, others are optimized for on-the-go gaming. This means the phone stand is soft rather than rigid and can be adjusted to hang from the back of the seat (for a plane or bus). 

Wireless Power Bank

Mobile gamers are known for keeping spare battery packs in order to keep their phone charged. Developers have also started to focus their efforts on creating long-lasting batteries that won’t cause overheating. Still, most mobile gamers will need to opt for some type of battery backup.

The best options today are wireless power banks. These run on Qi wireless charging and can refill your phone’s battery just by keeping both devices in close proximity. This lets you easily recharge—without pausing the game or connecting a pesky charging cable.

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