What innovative strategies have revolutionized gambling?

New technologies are actively used in the economic and financial spheres, affect the development of medicine, education, tourism, and help diversify leisure. The gambling industry also cannot do without them. About thirty years ago, the first casinos with online access appeared, and ten years later it grew into the new industry – mobile gambling.  This article will tell you what innovative strategies have revolutionized the gambling market and what can be expected in the near future.

Innovations that have created the image of a modern casino

Gambling companies in land-based and online establishments are actively using creative technological innovations to attract users and make them regular customers.  Among the most notable innovations, without which it is difficult to imagine modern real money online casinos are the following:

  • Club cards that help you keep track of your betting history.  They are used in board games and slots, as a key to a hotel room and as a payment method for drinks;
  • Shuffle machines.  Automatic shufflers accelerate the gameplay and exclude human influence on its result;
  •  Cashless game system;
  •  Live dealer games that recreate the atmosphere of classic casinos are played using video cameras and motion sensors;
  •  Mobile gambling and video slots have become available to millions of people.

According to many sources, the popularity of online gambling continues to grow.  Users are attracted by the wide choice of classic and new games, the simple and convenient interface of the site, bonus offers, etc. All this means that the industry will continue to develop in the near future.

The latest improvements in the gambling industry 

The introduction of new IT solutions into the gambling industry gives businesses the opportunity to provide players with more comfortable conditions, as well as to stand out among other establishments.Thus, operators are actively using RFID technology. This strategy provides identification of objects using radio signals.  Special devices are installed into the playing chips.  They help to study the process of the game, track the behavior of the participants, determine the location of the token, and turn it off in case of loss.

Responsible gambling casinos use face recognition and personal identification systems.  Thus, the establishments are protected from fraudsters, can identify underaged people and people with gambling addiction.

Web sites are introducing chatbots and special applications with which you can, for example, book a table, place bets, and resolve technical issues.  Gamification technology creates additional interactive opportunities, thanks to it, bonus rounds, quests, and tournaments have appeared in gambling. Meanwhile, the development of 3D graphics has led to the emergence of 3D slots and table games.

Experts believe that the next breakthrough in the gambling industry will be associated with the 5G Internet, the use of blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and the emergence of new types of mobile applications for gamblers. Given the rapid pace of development, it will not take a lot of time.

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