What’s Important to Consider When Switching from an Android to iOS Device

Without further ado, 2023 has two giant competing systems, iOS and Android. 

Most people represent two groups: some adore Apple products and are not ready to live without them, while others passionately buy all Android novelties. Of course, it is impossible to say which operating system is better because both have significant advantages and disadvantages. It is generally accepted that the user’s preferences are the decisive factor.

However, it often happens that people decide to switch to another system. There can be many reasons: interest in trying something new, changing the device for work’s sake, and so on. And here, we will discuss what you need to know if you decide to change your Android gadget and get used to iOS.

The average user will not notice any difference at first glance. It’s the same smartphone allows you to perform all the usual actions: make calls, communicate on social networks, take photos, play your favorite casino online AU and download the necessary applications in a few clicks. The interface is a bit different, but it’s the thing you get familiar with in several days. 

Anyway, there are still some tricky things that you should consider.

The Collection of Programs in the App Store Is Limited Compared to Google Play

It’s not a secret that the choice of iOS apps is smaller. Apple doesn’t confirm all the available programs, explaining refusals with a strict privacy policy. Therefore, many applications become available later or remain inaccessible to iPhone owners. On the other hand, some popular software like Instagram was initially developed for iOS, so its users get the latest updates earlier than Android fans.

Such a strict selection of available programs makes iOS more secure. In addition, the ecosystem is basically closed, which gives fewer opportunities for scammers. And while devices are still a desirable target for hackers, Apple is constantly improving the security of its devices for greater user experience.

Ability to Hold a Charge Longer

Apple flagships are much more powerful than their Android competitors, and you will notice a significant difference right away. Even if you open many applications simultaneously, play online slots, chat in instant messengers and constantly make calls, iOS devices will last longer. Otherwise, you will not feel significant changes, as both operating systems are powerful and offer a fast charging option that will not take more than an hour.

Settings Flexibility Is the Main Difference

Android devices allow users to turn on their imagination and create a perfectly adapted layout, while iOS initially sets up everything, and there’s actually almost nothing to change. Even though recent iOS updates allow you to partially customize widgets on your home screen, it still doesn’t compare to the features that Android provides.

Moreover, be ready that a subscription is required everywhere if you use an Apple device. And even after you get the desired paid programs, you will still be attacked by different kinds of advertisements that often drive users crazy.

So, Is It Worth Switching from Android to iOS?

Unfortunately, this is a question nobody can ever answer. Constant competition between the two brands will stop only when they become absolutely similar (spoiler: it wouldn’t happen). So, the user’s personal preferences still remain the main factor when selecting a device. Those who would like to customize everything and have a free choice of characteristics should pay attention to Android. On the other hand, Apple provides us with stable work and proven high quality, so it’s also a great option.

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