Why Mobile Games Will Keep on Growing

Mobile games started off as relatively simple alternatives to console and PC games, with more basic gameplay and design. Yet, these games have grown massively in the last few years, with some very good reasons for believing that they’ll carry on grabbing more of the market share.

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More Smartphone Users and Better Technology

The most obvious reason for mobile games getting more popular is that the number of smartphone users in the world keeps on climbing. Over 80% of the world population now has one of these devices, and over 60% of users install a game in the first week of owning a new smartphone.

That’s not all though, as the rollout of 5G technology across the planet is another huge factor we need to take into account. Up to 20 times faster than 4G, this technology is making it a lot easier for everyone to play games smoothly and easily. The number of people with access to 5G is expected to explode in the next couple of years, with over half the people on Earth expected to be able to use this sort of network by 2025.

Other types of emerging technology, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, are particularly relevant to mobile gaming. The idea of using a smartphone and getting fully immersed in the universe created by a game might have seemed impossible not so long ago, but it’s now very much on the horizon.

Finally, the increasing power of these devices is another massive advantage to their growth potential. This is the main reason why mobile games are getting closer to console games in terms of visual quality and performance.  As the gap continues to narrow and the mobile experience gets even better, we can expect to see people spending even more time using high-quality mobile games.

A Growing Variety of Games

Look for games in the Google Play Store and you’ll see over 400,000 games to choose from, according to the latest reports. In the App Store, the total number of games now reaches over a million. With new games being released all the time, the variety continues to increase too, which is good news when you look for something that catches your eye.

For example, if we look at the top-grossing games on the Play Store, we can find varied titles such as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Kings and Diablo Immortal. Categories include puzzle, adventure, simulation and arcade games, so there’s something for just about everyone no matter how they like to play.

Another type of game that’s now highly sought-after can be seen when you play in an online casino in Canada on your mobile. These sites offer a range of slots and table games, with a live dealer section taking advantage of streaming technology to provide a genuine casino atmosphere. The presence of hot drop jackpots is another key factor, with several prizes that must be won in a certain timeframe.

A look at the most popular mobile games right now reveals a mixture that includes RPGs like Raid: Shadow Legends, puzzle games such as Puzzles & Survival as well as the Mafia City strategy game. Who knows what other genres might also emerge as developers find increasingly creative ways to keep us entertained?

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The Use of Microtransactions Suits Everyone

Another major trend in the industry recently has been the increasing use of microtransactions in mobile games. This is where a player enters a game for free and can carry on playing up to a certain point without paying any money at all. However, paying a small amount can allow them to unlock new levels or gain the extra skills or equipment needed to progress deeper and compete more effectively.

Commonly known as free-to-play games, this model works well for everyone. For players, it gives them a chance to explore the game and see whether they like it before paying anything. If they like what they see, it’s then a question of simply paying what they’re comfortable with whenever they want to, rather than handing over a lump sum to buy the game at the start.

In terms of the developers, as explained by the Howstuffworks site, this way of making money is perfect for them. Instead of all the income from a game rolling in at the same time when it’s released, they get recurring income that keeps coming in year after year if the game is popular and has long-term appeal.

There are sure to be some surprises along the way too, as new technology or emerging trends change the way we play mobile games. But the areas we’ve looked at here are the main things to look out for in the near future if you enjoy playing on your mobile device now and then.

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