Will Bingo Help Push Foldables into the Mainstream?

After the success of flip phones in the pre-iPhone age, foldable smartphones were bound to come along sooner or later. Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have begun to churn out foldable smartphones now, with the likes of Samsung and Huawei already doubling down on the concept.

Apple has steered clear of foldables so far, though, and the trend hasn’t completely caught on in mainstream culture. For foldables to blow up, it may require the iPhone to join the party. It could also help if booming online sectors like the bingo industry promoted the value of these new devices.

Bingo Games Benefit from Larger Screen Space

The smartphone industry has been helped out massively by various gaming sectors, with online casinos and online bingo sites among the most notable. When you play online bingo at Paddy Power, the various themed slots like Crystal Furnace and Into The Wild Megaways are made to fit the mobile screen perfectly. Indeed, this is the more popular device for playing them now, with desktops taking a back seat.

There are bingo rooms too, and these can be played from mobile as well. However, it’s these offerings that would benefit most from the extended displays that foldable smartphones promise to deliver. This is because options such as Paddy’s Speed Trap and Paddy’s Party offer chat functions alongside the ball draws. By splitting the screen, players will be able to keep track of their numbers on one side while viewing chat messages on the other.

This is something that foldable developers could promote when trying to market their products. With bingo being one of the fastest-growing online industries, it’s likely to help a growing crowd see the benefit of using a folding smartphone to access the sites.

Foldables May or May Not Catch On

At the moment, it feels like foldables could either be the next big thing or they could fade away into nothingness. Remember minidisc players? Flip smartphones are in a similar place to where they were when these were popular. That form of music playing didn’t take off because it was usurped by MP3. Therefore, foldables may not catch on if something else comes to blow them out of the water.

A lot is riding on whether Apple joins the race as well. Macrumors assessed the varying reports and surmised that it is likely that the tech giant will release its own foldable offering at some point. However, this is unlikely to stop the continuation of its flagship iPhone, and it will take something truly special to move most users away from that.

The future of smartphones could be folding, or so the Guardian believes. Too many of the world’s big tech giants are jumping on the trend for it not to be a thing. However, there is also a chance that something new and better will emerge soon, which will render foldables obsolete. This happened when MP3 sentenced minidiscs to the history books, and something like augmented reality could do the same for foldables.

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