Another Fresh Concept Cellphone Straight From Finland!

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Tommy Incrosnatu, the same guy who created this incredible Nokia concept phone, also designed the following device that you see below. He teamed up with artists Oula Runila and Miika Herranen, while the background photo belongs to Shawn Palmquist. As you can see, we have a very modern smartphone interface right here, with simplified graphics.

This concept was created in order to showcase the beauty of Finnish nature and the result will be a 60 second TV clip, according to Tommy. We can only imagine that we’re seeing here is a very beautiful Nokia phone design of the future, with an UI that reminds me a bit of MeeGo and a Home menu that’s a little bit like the one in HTC Sense.

The widgets are pretty interesting in this interface and while the device looks like the HTC HD7 a tiny bit, we can’t help but imagine it to be Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone 7 on board…

[via sciant]