Microsoft Lumia 935 Rendered by Ryan Smalley, Looks Svelte, Packs 31 MP Camera

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Microsoft Lumia 935 is a new cameraphone, a concept rendered by Ryan Smalley from Seattle, USA. This is supposed to be a flagship phone with a Pureview camera and a pretty svelte model.

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 1

It integrates a 31 megapixel main Pureview camera and a front 8 megapixel selfie shooter. The design involves a nearly bezel-free screen and a dual texture polycarbonate case. This model’s camera offers optical image stabilization and high res zoom. The front camera comes with a wide angle setup, for extra clear and wide selfies. Upfront, the Microsoft Lumia 935 integrates a display suited for a flagship.

We’re talking about a 5.5 inch Quad HD display and in case you’re wondering, all this technology fits within a 6.9 mm thick package. This model solves all of the problems of the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 1020, as well as the Lumia 1520, so it may as well be the next big Windows 10 flagship. Great work Ryan!

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 2

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 3

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 4

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 5

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 6

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 7

Microsoft Lumia 935 concept 8

[via Behance]

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