Microsoft Lumia 940 New Triple LED Teaser Posted by Jonas Daehnert

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A few days ago we posted a Microsoft Lumia 940 teaser published by Jonas Daehnert, a respected designer of Lumia products. Now, basing his renders on a leak from @evleaks, the designer has published three new teasers, all of them shown below.

lumia 940 camera teaser 1

They’re pretty much the same image and the same portion of the phone, the back camera with a triple LED flash. It’s not clear if all the LEDs are warm ones or hot ones, or if all have the same temperature. The Lumia 940 shown here has a big camera and what seems to be a polycarbonate solid case, since the texture doesn’t look metallic.

The leak itself featured a big camera area, a slightly small lens compared to the rest of the camera setup and three flashes. @Evleaks also recommended that Windows fans should give up hope. If I were to guess, I’d say the Lumia 950 comes with a 20 or 40 megapixel camera, obviously with Pureview tech, Windows 10 for mobile, 3 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 810 CPU.

lumia 940 camera teaser 2

lumia 940 camera teaser 3

[via Phone Designer]

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