Microsoft Lumia Communicator Concept Gets Rendered on Video, is a Solid Business Machine (Video)

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Designer Omar Pirela has imagined a totally new and original Lumia concept, dubbed Lumia Communicator. It resurrects the good old Nokia Communicator in a new flavour and considering that after the Windows 10 launch event we got a rumor that there was a phone/laptop hybrid in the making, this concept fits right in.

Microsoft Lumia Communicator concept 1

The Lumia Communicator concept is a business smartphone with a special satellite antenna, that should increase the price quite a bit, considering satellite phones cost $1000 or more. The smartphone has a full QWERTY keyboard, full Office apps and even a directional pad is included. We’ve got a 20 megapixel Carl Zeiss back camera with a ring Xenon flash around the cam.

the UI seems black and white somehow, like on that LG Prada Android phone. The OS is Windows 10 and a series of business features and apps are included in the mix as well. There’s a double side AMOLED screen doing the work here and Office 365 is also included. A stylus is all that’s mixing on the road to perfection… Agree?

Microsoft Lumia Communicator concept 6

Microsoft Lumia Communicator concept 5

Microsoft Lumia Communicator concept 4

Microsoft Lumia Communicator concept 3

Microsoft Lumia Communicator concept 2

[via GSMDome]

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