Nokia 10 Penta Lens Camera Finally Detailed on Video

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Nokia 10, the famous penta lens phone has been rendered once or twice before, but this time we get a clear video of how the mechanism will work and rotate. Techconfigurations has come up with this render, following leaks and they’ve done a fine job.

It will have Zeiss optics and no less than 5 camera sensors. The facade will be bezel less, of course and very immersive, maybe even more than the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Stereo speakers, a big lack from the Nokia 8 have been implemented. Nokia has placed a dual front camera here and at the back there’s a 16 MP + 16 MP main camera, with a rotary lens below it.

It’s the lower camera that gets the rotating lenses ahead of it. I feel that the width of the phone may go against it, reminding me of the massive Lumia 1020 and Pureview 808. However, if the camera is amazing, nobody will complain about the bulk. 10x optical zoom and dual OIS are offered here. The red version of the Nokia 10 is actually growing on me a bit. As usual I’m not sure a glass back is a good idea, since it will draw many prints and may require a case.

Fingers crossed for that hue to happen, but I’m still not sure about the massivity.

[via Techconfigurations]

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