Nokia 101: Touchscreen, Magnets, E-Paper Maybe?

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Nokia 101 is yet another product for 2015, seemingly the ideal year for passing to a new generation of mobile phones. Morph is also destined for that year, but let’s see what Nokia 101 brings new. Designed by Giandaniele Asquini and the product of research and collaboration with Nokia, this device uses magnets placed on 3 sides of the phone.


These magnets create new and original hinges and allow the handset to morph into an address book, a normal phone or various other devices. The magnet-based mechanism allows the Nokia 101 display to rotate freely and I wonder if it’s a touchscreen or it’s based on E-paper technology (or maybe both?).


As you can see, Nokia 101 is perfect for web surfing and it features handwriting recognition, also being the ideal handset for messaging. Last, but not least, you can admire the phone as it follows the latest trends and “collides” with another Nokia 101, with the aid of magnets, creating a bigger display, used to play games like Need for Speed or watch quality TV.

Also, it’ll create a decent notebook, for you to write your homework on or just blog. These designs were exposed at the Air Gallery in London in May 2006.


[via Coroflot]