Nokia 3310 Gets New Breath of Life Courtesy of Concept Creator (Video)

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In about a week from now, Nokia is going to bring back to life the Nokia 3310, according to the latest rumors and that sounds incredibly badass. That device is still famous for its resilience, but could it cope with modern standards? Let’s see what its concept offers.

Designer Concept Creator has his own vision of the device, shown below. The Nokia 3310 shown here in the 2017 version keeps the general design format of the OG model, but makes it a bit slimmer, at least at first sight. It also gives it a camera, albeit without flash and there’s a 1.5 inch screen on board with color this time. There’s FM radio here, a microUSB port and a 1650 mAh battery.

8 GB of storage and and a polycarbonate body with Linex coating complete the package. A variety of color choices is available, including red, blue, yellow, gray and baby blue. Look forward to see this model tested for resilience. And we all know we’re going to love those keys.

[via Concept Creator]

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