Nokia 9x is the Next Big Flagship, With Original Camera Placement

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With so many Xiaomi and OnePlus launches lately, people may have forgotten there’s also a Nokia out there. And the company was even making a 5 camera phone at some point… Concept Creator doesn’t venture out that far into the wild and only envisions a triple camera phone, going by the name Nokia 9x.

The device has golden accents all over its fingerprint scanner, sides and buttons. It feels like a customized phone from Russia that’s clad in gold. Shown in black and white, the concept phone brings forth a narrow format with minimal bezels and an elongated camera area. It seems to draw inspiration from the Nokia 7 Plus more than anything, plus it also throws in some classic Lumia design.

From what I can see the dual stereo speakers really set it apart from the usual Nokia product. I’m not very sure about the triple camera integration, since it may end up with your fingers obstructing the capture. Now it’s time to start dreaming of that penta lens Nokia 10…

I’m also getting some slight surface Phone vibes here, perhaps from the way the screen is layered on top of the frame.

[via Concept Creator]

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