Nokia B-FLOW Concept is Curvy, Brazilian Like Samba

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It’s been a while since we last saw a Nokia concept phone, but we’re glad to finally check out an original device of this kind. Designed by Diego Peralta, the Nokia B-FLOW phone is inspired by the Brazilian culture, costumes and landscape. The device combines both the Finnish classic design and Brazilian curves.


Of course, we’re dealing with a Nokia touchscreen phone and we learn that B-FLOW set a relaxed design tone and comes with an original curvy lateral design. Its case is inspired by the “hues of a summer sunset at the Copacabana beach”, as claimed by the designer. Also, we learn the case was made using a three layered co injection of polycarbonate.


The base layer is orange, followed by a translucent pearl white layer and finally a transparent coating on top. There’s also a camera lens on board, hidden by a photopolymer screen, that can become transparent, once the camera is turned on. Nokia B-FLOW can be customized according to the user’s need and it also comes with social networking features.

With all of these details and photos, it’s hard to believe that this device is only a concept…






[Thanks Diego]