Nokia C1 Teaser Signals the Return of the Finns in the Smartphone Biz (Video)

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Boy, is 2017 going to be exciting or what? We’ve got Apple switching to OLED panels, maybe curved, Samsung launching a flexible phone and Nokia getting back into the smartphone biz. To preface that, designer Concept Creator has envisioned the famous Nokia C1, a device that has leaked so many times and it’s most likely just a rumor in the end.


There’s only a teaser for now, but lots of speculation arises from it. We get a triple LED flash working together with a Xenon one, a rectangular body with what seems to be a diamond pattern at the back, plus a very hefty camera sensor. Dual front speakers, like those on the newest Motorola phones are present and the whole thing is most likely clad in metal.

The latest rumors talk about taking inspiration from Sharp handsets, maybe those in the Aquos series. An USB Type C port may also be here and the edges seem very rounded, even the top and bottom ones. The risk of a rectangular typical case is boredom, but that textured back looks interesting. Will the Nokia C ever be real, after so many years of leaks?

[via Concept Creator]

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