Nokia E10, a Foldable Phone With MeeGo and Solar Batteries

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Foldable phones are a niche that wasn’t exploited by designers lately, but we got the trend back thanks to Chris Wang, who created the Nokia E10 concept. This device looks really nice and comes with a foldable display, that’s made out of flexible material.

Also, the screen is thin enough to roll around a 6 mm axis, thus saving space. Nokia E10 is all about flexibility, both in interface and design, so it becomes a normal phone when folded up, allowing you to use a standard touchscreen. Through it you’ll make phone calls, send texts and mail, play games and perform other standard activities.

If you unfold the handset, you’ll turn it into a tablet-like unit, supporting high-def pictures and video viewing plus extra space for web browsing. Touch control is also supported and the unit is powered with the aid of 3 solar batteries, that are complemented by a Lithium battery. This is possibly the most complex MeeGo device we’ve seen so far, so we say congratulations to the designer, Chris Wang.

[Thanks Chris]

  • algoritme

    seams this designer uses ideas of other designers
    as a solar battery 😀 which was shown in iphone 6 concept :)))))
    do not copy ideas, just do better if you can

  • eng

    Actually, Nokia had a solar powered accessory battery for 8110 “banana”-phone back in the late 1990’s, around -99 or so. So who’s copying who?

    Anyways, this concept seems awesome, something out of a sci-fi movie. The folding touchscreen is still propably a few years away.

  • Anonymous

    Nokia had solar batteries and panels already in 90’s. Check your facts 🙂

  • vasara

    Desinger combine solar battery with scroll screen, which seems to be new idea? I think it is better with solar battery, leaving it out would have been bigger mistake.

  • Isoarska

    This is what we all want! IPad plus solarpower and pocket size, wow effect is here and now.

    Honestly impressed – apple/android “sw makers”, your response?


  • Chris Wang

    Thanks for your positive affirmation, and criticism! The concept is just a try, it has a lot of defects. What I want is to hear from you, get your advices, and make some better design in the future. Thank you!

  • PJS

    Great Chris! I think we all need now someting new, revolutionary and visionary – so called next “wave” for phonetechnology and not those “little” features etc. which we normally fancy. Keep on working! Btw, are you somehow related to famous Wang-family back all the way to sixties? Hope not too personal question :)?

  • Chris Wang

    No, aha. There are tens of millions people’s family name is “Wang” in China. Maybe I can build a strong family more famous than the old one. Thanks for your encouragement!

  • Hi Chris!

    There is one thing which I always wonder about when talking about touch screens. It is the sensitivity and most of all the screen’s response to the touch. Does it differ a lot from those touch screens that are commonly used now days.

    Best regards,

  • Chris Wang

    Yes I agree with you Carlo, a sensible touch screen can give us good user experience. What I want to show in this concept is usability
    and better user experience, too. iPhone is good at touch control, but it can not be folded, I hope engineers and scientists can make something new in the near future.

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  • Martins

    Engr. Chris Wang, I want to commend you on your innovative concept in the Nokia E10. And thus, do debunk any silly & unfactual speculation about the Product (Nokia E9). However I need your assistance, I wanted to buy Nokia phone that has a Touch Screen facility so I opted for Nokia E9, then later discovered that it doesnt has a Micro card storage. Pls, can u prefer me a latest Nokia phone with theses reguirements.
    Thanks am grateful

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  • pkumar

    owsum mobile design! thanks yo design chris

  • rajan

    how much and where can i buy this i love it

  • Tirza


  • Thapelo Peacock

    hi i want to know where to get it here in South Africa please i love it.