Nokia E71 Returns With Windows Phone 8 and Sliding Keyboard

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The folks of Mynokiablog are surely nostalgics and some of the concepts they publish are inspired by the golden age of Nokia. The one below is certainly an example of that: a rebirth of the Nokia E71 model, with Windows Phone 8 and a slide out keyboard.

Nokia E71 wp8 1

The device was rendered by Risto Hunt and the face is all touch, while the back now features a Xenon flash. We’ve also got a beautiful ergonomic QWERTY keyboard sliding from underneath the handset. This E71 renaissance will have a metal body, an 8 megapixel camera and a scroll bar on the back, thanks to a touch area.

Wireless charging is also present and the designer promises about 2-3 days of usage easily. This device would certainly be a killer, since there are people out there still keen on this format. I’m not sure how QWERTY and touch input would work together on Windows Phone 8, that’s a more minimalistic platform…

Nokia e71 wp8 2

[via Mynokiablog]

  • Jeffery

    Please Nokia release this beautiful E71phone I will 100% buy this phone. It will bring back the glory of your sales. I am sure alot of ex customers will agree, they will give you back the support and sales

  • Mark Cojuangco

    Sliding QWERTY with Phone 8 !

    I will buy it immediately !

  • Eric kitchens

    I love this with the new octocore it will be awesome and I’m one of those people who loves physical keyboards and I need a phone like this.

  • Daf

    I too have been searching for such a phone. Any word on a go/no-go decision? If go; any word on when it will be available and through which service providers?

  • Garren

    I hope they’re not teasing all the WindowsPhone users that are still using their HTC Arrive!!!! I have been searching for something like this and know there are many users that refuse to give up their WindowsPhone 7.1 – 7.5 because that was the first and last WindowsPhone of the new era that featured a slide-out keyboard. Many would love to move to the newer WP8, but are stuck in touchscreen HeLL with these n-screen keyboards. PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WITH A KEYBOARD Nokia!

  • JoeB

    Absolutely been holding on to my Win Phone 7 LG Quantum waiting for a QWERTY Windows 8.x phone. Would love to see this one in production. It’s the way for Windows phone to take business and government away from Blackberry.

  • albert

    good concept pls come definitely I will buy

  • Pradeep Atter

    3 magical words for it, TAKE MY MONEY!!! I dont understand why every phone company, even the once-upon-a-time-now-not-so-mighty Nokia, are all trying to be the iPhone. We are sick n tired of these stupid “smartphones” which are good for only throwing birds at pigs. We need real sturdiness in design, iPhones and all other phones infact either have a stupid aluminium or a plastic body which disintegrates when the phones hits the ground, nokia on the other hand made Bulletproof phones. They had a phone for every need. The N-Gage for gamers and E-series for bussiness oriented people and the fabulous N series. I miss you Nokia. Just wish you had added 3G on your 210 asha, you would have made my year!

  • Ukrainian

    Well boys and girls the Ukrainian part of smartphones users agree with everything said here.

    Please someone make WP8 QWERTY smartphone !!!

  • RiGhTeOuS

    I would buy it!! And my brother also

  • Roman

    If there was WP8 with QWERTY I’d buy it immediately. At the moment, no reason to update my WP7.5 (3rd year in use).

  • LWhite

    I hate, Hate, HATE the touchpad on my HTC Windows 8 phone. I don’t play games on my phone, I rarely text (because I hate the keyboard), I can barely enter dates into the calendar. If Nokia (or any other phone manufacturer) is reading these comments — please come out with a Windows phone and sliding keyboard. For that, even I would camp out in front of the store to buy one.

  • JoeB

    Am hoping with the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia that someone there would open their eyes to the pent up demand for a Windows 8 qwerty phone (prefereable slide out). Also I hear today that HTC is frustrated competing in the Android market and is reconsidering adding Windows phones back into to their offerings. Will hold on to my HTC Quantun Win 7.5 phone until then.

  • Bob Wolf

    for sure, a nice idea – I second the motion for the use of an aluminum body, slider keyboard and a compatible OS; and don’t forget to add a long-life, user-replaceable battery pack!

  • penang wong

    I’m holding on to my ageing sony experia mini pro until nokia releases this beauty with win8.

  • Anonymous

    Worst yet: Just bought a Samsung ATIV S Neo at an ATT company store. The salesman also let me buy a Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and matching mouse.


    So all three go back to ATT today and if they dare to try to charge their $35 “restock” fee they’re going to have a very loud, very unhappy customer in their store. If I had bought the keyboard and mouse separately off the web (for instance) I’d be the idiot…but it’s THEIR idiot who let me buy $150 of non-compatible accessories. I’ll go back to my Motorola with its QWERTY keyboard and wait for the Nokia E71 if ATT compatible or another phone with either an internal keyboard or at the very least, a phone with a compatible external keyboard.

    I get so tired of companies like ATT who seem to think every single customer is an 18 year old boy who wants a phone with a BIG screen to surf porn sites…who apparently has never learned to use a QWERTY keyboard.

  • Frank

    I dream each night of this phone 🙂

  • Kawatwo

    Just do it!

  • teresa

    Fantastic design! I would also buy this phone. The addition of the micro memory slot would be great. The cloud is good but not always there when cellular connection is slow. When will Nokia release this phone?

  • soundar

    yes,physical qwerty with ms office is which one i’m searching, now i’m use e72, its my most lovely phone.

  • j

    When will a business company learn businesses run smoother with a physical keyboard. It must cost a lot to make a qwerty phone 🙁

  • Nokia Lover

    OMG, i loved my E71 phone and I still have it. This would be a very beautiful phone in every way if they actually built it.

  • Billy Svensson

    Would love this phone.

  • Kenneth

    I would buy this phone in a heartbeat!

    My Nokia E7 stand out as my best phone ever.. combined with WP8 it would be a powertool second to none

  • Paul

    I like so many others will not upgrade my handset until there is a WP with a physical keypad.
    A quick internet search for “WP with Qwerty keyboard” returns thousands wanting such a handset.

  • Triin

    Here’s another sad cell phone user who is dying to give somebody her money for a Windows phone with a physical keyboard. I’m sick and tired of Android nonsense, and cannot live without a physical keyboard AND basic physical buttons for answering, making and ending calls. Nokia, for one thing, is a company established in Finland, where they should understand the impossibility of answering a *&¤#¤Y& smart phone by sliding anything on the screen when it’s -10C out.

  • Colleen

    I beg you to make this happen – I need it. I like tangible, physical technology. I never want to send another message on my Samsung Note ever again!

  • afsin

    I’m holding on my Nokia e-7 until a Windows phone with a slide-out qwerty keyboard is released. End of story.

  • fank

    Please make a slide qwerty phone. I will give my kidney for it

  • lofty

    should have LED flash not NEON to use in the dark, and weather forcast with sensors

  • adarsh

    Plzzz release thissssss…

  • dave

    absolutely perfect. I will buy this phone

  • mikey

    I want this . Hate typing on Touchscreen. After four years with windows phone I ordered a blackberry today. I had no choice.