Nokia E71 Returns With Windows Phone 8 and Sliding Keyboard

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The folks of Mynokiablog are surely nostalgics and some of the concepts they publish are inspired by the golden age of Nokia. The one below is certainly an example of that: a rebirth of the Nokia E71 model, with Windows Phone 8 and a slide out keyboard.

Nokia E71 wp8 1

The device was rendered by Risto Hunt and the face is all touch, while the back now features a Xenon flash. We’ve also got a beautiful ergonomic QWERTY keyboard sliding from underneath the handset. This E71 renaissance will have a metal body, an 8 megapixel camera and a scroll bar on the back, thanks to a touch area.

Wireless charging is also present and the designer promises about 2-3 days of usage easily. This device would certainly be a killer, since there are people out there still keen on this format. I’m not sure how QWERTY and touch input would work together on Windows Phone 8, that’s a more minimalistic platform…

Nokia e71 wp8 2

[via Mynokiablog]