Nokia E97 Concept, Inspired by Paper Mail and Based on E-Ink Technology

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Fabien Nauroy has a beautiful concept to show us all, Nokia E97, inspired by paper mail. “Where’s the inspiration?” you might ask. Well, the screen of this handset can be detached from its body, just like taking a paper out of an envelope.


The concept phone’s screen is based on E-ink technology and it’ll be very easy to share with your friends. If you want to show everyone a cool video or a photo, you can simply detach the display and show the content, without having to worry about storage space, because the screen uses a 4 or 8GB memory stick to store data just like an USB Flash drive.

Nokia E97’s screen can also be used like a photo frame on your desk, once it’s connected to the small USB base. This is probably the best Nokia concept I’ve seen in years, so congratulations Fabien for such a great idea!




[via Coroflot]