Nokia Eco-friendly Phone Functions on Coca-Cola… Don’t We all?

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It’s been a while since we last saw an eco-friendly concept phone, specially one with the Nokia branding on it. Thankfully, we’ve stumbled upon the work of designer Daizi Zheng, the original device pictured below, an eco-friendly Nokia phone powered by sugary drinks.


Daizi claims that the phone battery, used as a power source is too expensive and harmful for nature, specially in the disposal process. She has an alternative for normal batteries, that is the bio battery, an eco-friendly source of energy that uses carbohydrates (sugar in this case) and enzymes as the catalyst for the process needed to produce energy.


One pack of sugary drink will include enough carbohydrates for your phone to work, also generating water and energy, when the battery dies. Bio batteries have the potential to work three to four times longer with a single charge, compared to the Lithium batteries used today.

The idea is brilliant, but what about the handset’s design? How would you feel, carrying such a flask in your pocket?







[via Dezeen and Yanko Design]


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