Nokia N Gage Concept is a Gaming Console and Phone Based on Android

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After the Google Edition of the Lumia 1020, here’s another Nokia with Android. This time it’s a console phone, that’s part of the N Gage series. The design is based on the ideal gamepad and includes a bunch of action buttons, a D pad and analog area.

nokia n gage concept phone 2013

This is a sliding device with an elongated front side and a diagonal that I suppose could be 5 or 6 inches. This project was created by Deviantart user Maxwwy and while it may be simple and minimalistic, it brings us the year old question: why did Nokia give up on such a loved console? They were even going head to head with Gameboys at some point and then they quit.

Nokia’s 2013 N Gage concept seems to be more of a response to the DS than to the PS Vita. It would have to have great processing power, maybe through a Snapdragon 600, 2 GB of RAM, maybe some shoulder buttons and 32 GB of storage. The thing is that the Xperia Play was a bit of a failure and Nokia wouldn’t want that to happen to them, too, so maybe that’s why they don’t risk making this product.

[via Deviantart]