Nokia Heartbeat, a Smartphone that Shares Stories on the Go

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We’ve found a new and prolific designer, who created a very interesting Nokia smartphone concept. Dubbed Nokia Heartbeat, the device helps users communicate by “telling stories”. This handset’s shape is linked to its fluid and capture-based interface. Basically, the smartphone is “sucking up” information, capturing videos, photos and text.

The content can be viewed and edited on the device and then published online. Social networking features are also supported, as well as messaging and calling (obviously). What’s really interesting is the interface concept on Nokia Heartbeat, staying true to the handset’s name. This UI revolves around the idea of a heart’s pulse: music bars, hearth graph, lying detector. Such mechanisms were used to replace lists and galleries…

There’s also a stylus in the mix, useful for editing content, while the volume and lock buttons on the phone are easily accessible. As you can see in the images of the Nokia concept, Heartbeat uses a wheel for moving around menus, like some compact cameras on the market today. There’s also a “composer” included in the UI, allowing you to merge images, sound and video into a story.

This idea is pretty simple and original, but it would be better for a PMP, a MID or a revolutionary camera, rather than a smartphone… or maybe even a console. What do you think?