Nokia HumanForm Project Explores Bendable Flexible Phones

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We’ve been hearing a lot about Nokia flexible phones lately, with a prototype being even demoed at Nokia World 2011. This may be no Nokia Morph, but it’s surely interesting enough to make us think about the future. And now there’s a new project called the HumanForm, that looks like the pics you see below.

Created by Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center, HumanForm is all about flexibility and bendable phones. The result is a touchscreen device that looks like a thermometer or a feminine accessory, that seems to only fit a vertical row of icons on its small display. The device allows physical manipulation and nanotechnology allows data to float on the screen like liquid.

Thus a flow of social networking info is created and you must know that the entire case of the HumanForm device is a touchscreen, while flexing the handset is also a means of control. Bend to zoom is supported for example, as shown in the video in our source link. A small phone doesn’t necessarily mean small features, keep that in mind… Is this Nokia futuristic design the real future?

[via Yanko Design]