Nokia Lumia 1000 Features Pureview Camera, N950 Design

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As you know, Nokia promised to include the cool Pureview camera technology on future Windows Phone devices. Well, Tasak already imagined a concept of a device likes this, that he named Nokia Lumia 1000. This handset is pictured below, it runs Windows 8 and features a 41 megapixel PureView camera, just like the one on the Nokia 808 PureView.

Nokia Lumia 1000 features an Intel ATOM Z2580 dual core 1.8 GHz processor, a PowerVR SGX 544MP2 GPU at 533 MHz and a 4.3 inch AMOLED 1024 x 768 pixel display. Other specs include a microSD card slot, 64 GB of internal memory, 2 GB RAM and a secondary VGA camera with 30 fps video recording (VGA). The Nokia concept also offers NFC, USB 3.0 on the go, an accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass, stereo FM radio, infrared, Bluetooth, WiFI, GPS and a QWERTY keyboard with joystick.

Apparently, there’s also a TV function this 41 megapixel cameraphone. It’s strange to see Windows 8 on this handset instead of Windows Phone Apollo, but from what I’ve heard Win 8 and WP8 won’t be that different… How much would you price this phone if it was real?

[Thanks Tasak]

  • Interesting to see a QWERTY keyboard included in this industrial design piece. I do feel that qwerty keyboard will be making a return in the near future as business customers want to have a phone that will do all the functions of a normal computer including typing.

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  • Asher Pat

    there is a major flaw in the design, how exactly is it possible to use the device while resting it on a hard surface, e.g., a table? The camera bulge will make it tilted. This is what none of the designers understand (except Apple, unfortunately)

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  • CSM

    Well spotted. But then again, you can hardly call this a design, can you? The guy just through a couple of images together and calls it a concept.

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  • Olli

    Agree- no qwerty hw is needed.

  • Olli

    But why not ‘voice letters’?

  • Pratyush

    Nokia is never gonna sit silently !!!!!!!!
    Amazing EverySecond!!!!!!!!

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  • lkl

    This phone would be a perfect concept minus a few things such as qwerty keyboard and lack of size, 4.7 would be perfect. Also, coming out right after the IPhone 5 with alot of fanfare and advertisement blitz.

  • Moosa Mahsoom

    Please, I beg you get rid of the pureview camera bulge.

  • Tommy

    At last, Real keyboard that give the feeling of a real computer.. Not that IPAD touch crap, and always greasy display, with finger all over.. This phone “I WANT”, with quad core CPU, and Win8mobile, incl. a high res. cam. The Only thing may be missing is NOKIA makes Docking station to PC, and a car recharge stand for hand free navagation… that is my next phone. please hurry…

  • Tommy

    Don´t forget the Style pen, like the Nokia N900 have, I´m using the styke pen a lot on my N900.

  • Rizky

    It’s great with camera 41 megapixel

  • Rohit

    It’s qwerty key board is very bad . It should be full touch

  • Natali

    This would be my next perfect phone! I love my N8 but this one has much better camera and probably OS 🙂
    Not sure the qwerty keybooard can fit here.

    should support HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 + LTE; Dolby Digital Plus; NFC; FM Transmitter!

  • AAA+++

    Pureview is like doubleturbo directinjection-engine with 500hp vs iphones 1.6 litres 75hp MPI.


    QWERTY…. i think i need a blowjob!

  • Ulian

    Hears good but the QWERTY keyboard?? Nooo!
    I really do not know whether i a 41MP camera needs?
    It`s cool but a 16MP is also OK…

    Anyways this would be also my next smartphone without the QWERTY keyboard and with a better case – more like the Lumia 800 an 900 🙂

    greece from Germany 😉

  • Crapplefanboybuster

    Seriously? The only thing Apple designers have that others don’t is power over morons like you. I know, I know, they are all “Technologically Impaired”.

  • Tejas awate

    It’s not a phone. it’s a pocket pc yar. Really extraordinary cellphone.

  • Jalmari

    Too big… but good camera

  • thanzeel

    It is an amazing smartphone… I think this phone can move up to top position on NOKIA

  • Mich

    no man, if this device could have
    MeeGo OS and if this an ARMCortex core, not intel, then it could a best device in the world

  • Adore Nokia

    I love this phone muahhh cannot wait to have this phone on real

  • Adore Nokia

    This phone is my next smartphone haha .. It’s great .. I love to have big screen & high megapixel, 41 megapixel wow what a adoreable muahh .. I always adore Nokia

  • Raza

    LCD is small
    its too large minimum 4.7
    thats tooooooooo dooooooood

  • abuzar

    I like this phone that was amazing phone I want this phone.

  • bob

    I would buy that in a heart beat. Whatever the cost.

  • rebulir

    je le veux looooooooool

  • mike

    Very beautiful concept, but android is more better for me than windows phone 8.
    5 ou 5,5 inches very better than 4,3 inches so small.
    Trackpacd must be left on keyboard, no right and must big for games.
    Intel graphics hd gpu is better than power vr 544.
    Zoom optical stabilised is very better for pureview concept.
    Captor 20 mp maximum.
    After changement, it’s perfect smartphone.

  • Arsh Alam

    What is the INR price of nokia lumia 1000

  • Gel Lito

    I can’t wait to have Nokia Lumia 1000 with amazing features, Smartphone with 41megapixel camera, OS Windows 8 and micro chip storage slot card… Get it on!!!

  • pandu k o

    if nokia release below this feature’s in lumia 1000 it will world top 1 cell phone highest purchase this phone
    sim :mini or micro
    size&design:as it is same n8
    camera:41 mp with xenon
    software:windows8 +android(multi software updtodatable)

  • pandu kanchiganahal

    lumia 1000 its excellent but remove qwerty key pad and reduce the size almost pocket size design (nokia n8) . Bluetooth and card slot is must and software is multi so windows8 and android(interchanagble)than look how is demanding to this in market

  • siwexwot

    Lumia 1000 should be like Galaxy Note

  • Pandu k o

    Reduce screen size to 4’inch and make the home screen ast type of n8 phone ..if without homescreen its not popular& selling is down so please make sure homescreens ‘

  • It would be very good if this mobile will be made n every people will prefer it.
    Not only that people will stop 2 buy a camera bcz of its high mega pixel.
    Thanks 4 inventing this mobile

  • iray

    when is the phone coming out i am waiting this is machine not phone world best mobile a must use phone

  • Hassan

    Awesome looking phone. Wish it really comes alive. Few suggestions.

    1. remove the camera bulge. Makes the phone look ugly when viewed from the side.

    2. I have always been a QWERTY fan. Touch keyboards are not as effective as physical.

  • ishty

    Mr mike u r mad….. Android sucks while windows rock…..

  • Mark Cojuangco

    Yes! Sliding QWERTY! YES!
    All those who objecting; There are tons of phones without qwerty!
    C’mon already!
    Build this NOW!

  • Munna

    what price in Nokia lumia 1000

  • emma

    wow nyc fon with 41mp n 64gb internal wow datz wat it kills me koraa. pls if de QWERTY keyboard is not include aaaah can u use it?

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