Nokia Lumia 1001 Pureview Features 41 MP Camera, Dual Core CPU, WP8

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The folks of Mynokiablog have published a very interesting Nokia Lumia concept, that uses a Pureview camera, an idea that has been long time speculated in the media. Meet the Nokia Lumia 1001 Pureview mockup, created by Mkrtchyan Edgar using SolidWorks. This looks like quite a polished phone, a viable one with Windows Phone 8 on board.

We’re dealing with a dual core Nokia here, one with a 1.6 GHz processor, a 4.3 inch 1280 x 768 pixel display based on AMOLED ClearBlack technology. At the back we have a 41 megapixel Pureview camera with Full HD capture and Xenon flash. Under the hood there’s a 2200 mAh battery, certainly more powerful than the one on the Nokia Lumia 808 PureView. The design borrows a few elements from the Lumia 800/N9, but it slims up the package, I guess. Nokia Lumia 1001 Pureview also has a HDMI port, DLNA, 1.3MP front camera and NFC.

It comes in 16 and 32GB versions, with a microSD card slot and a chassis that should be around 9mm thick. It weighs 160 grams and it adopts the monoblock polycarbonate casing. In the humped area of the phone with the camera it may reach a thickness of 12mm, so that’s that sacrifice you have to make for a Pureview camera. I think the Nokia Lumia 1001 looks better than the 808 Pureview. Do you?

[via Mynokiablog]

  • ddawgs519

    ehh, sounds good, but the 4.3 screen needs to be bumped up to a 4.8 incher in my opinion, you have a big camera, a big battery, why not a big screen???

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  • hasan shekh

    it these phones are dream or may be possible dt nokia can launch ths type of phones

  • hasan shekh

    are these phones are dream or may be possible dt nokia can launch ths type of phones

  • Dennis

    Just buy a professional camera if you need a 41mp image. 41MP is rediculous for a cell phone!!
    the Lumina 920 has a 8mp cam and that is all the consumer really needs. What, you going to blow you photo up to fit on the side of a building or what? Yes, I am a photographer and I use a Canon Mark III 1ds. It spits out a 25mp raw image and is hard to beat in any way. Can take pictures at 1/8000 of a second. Why oh why would a amateur want a CELL PHONE camera that processes a 41MP image is beyond me.

  • Robert

    41MP PureView on a phone cannot be compared to traditional 41MP on DSLR Cameras… Look up PureView technology and find videos of the Nokia 808 PureView, which has a 41MP camera. You will understand. 41MP PureView is the future of Cellphone cameras…

  • Dennis

    Robert, I will look into that to understand this new technology. Thanks for the reply!

  • arg0

    The camera hump looks terrible, I’d have preferred a squared, N8-style protrusion. Other than that, it looks sweet the specs are right (including screen size). I hope Nokia announce a Lumia PureView with massive sensor at CES 2013.

  • bongzei konyak

    Its all in one…

  • Kanchan kumar

    When it will touch the market

  • Anonymous

    When it will comes to market

  • ijabul hoque

    when it w’ll published in assam

  • sagar

    Pls launch your best smart phns in India hurry up I wanna buy

  • NaMeLum

    Buttons very simply