Nokia Lumia 1030 With Windows Phone 9 Created by Designer Vijay

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We’ve just received a new Nokia Lumia concept, the Nokia Lumia 1030, that has been rendered by Vijay, a designer from India. He calls this a Windows Phone 9 concept and let’s see what this device that looks like a cameraphone brings.

nokia lumia 1030 concept

First, there’s the ability to play music or video from a tile, that’s very useful in my book and has been available in Android widgets for ages. There’s a new Start screen in this Windows Phone 9 render, that includes even more customizable wallpapers and a new and improved apps screen, that makes it easier to find apps, since they’re not organized into rows, not a big column alone.

The camera of the Nokia Lumia 1030 concept is a 50 megapixel Carl Zeiss Pureview unit, with 12x zoom lens and Xenon flash. This seems like a bulky cameraphone, the continuation of the tradition started by the very fat and wide Lumia 1020. Would this be a hit nowadays, in the world of thin and more or less narrow phones?

[Thanks Vijay]

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