Nokia Lumia 750 Has Pureview Technology, Lumia 720 Design Inspiration

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Deviantart member DutaAV created a new Nokia concept, the Lumia 750, that’s inspired by the design of the Lumia 720. As you probably know, the Nokia Lumia 720 is some sort of a cheaper version of Lumia 920, that keeps some of its goodies.


Back to the Lumia 750, the device adopts a squared look and it comes with a camera centered at the back, a Pureview camera actually. The device is much less wider than the Lumias we’re used to. If you allow me to speculate and include some specs, I’d say that this smartphone comes with an IPS LCD display with a 4.3 inch diagonal and HD resolution, plus a dual core Snapdragon CPU, a slightly superior version to the one of the Lumia 720.


There’s also 8 GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM and a microSD card slot, plus an 8 megapixel Pureview camera instead of the 6.1 MP cam of the Lumia 720. The OS of choice may even be Windows Phone 8.1 Blue, since it’s coming in about two months. What do you think of these slight enhancements? Doable?

[via Deviantart]

  • Ekkaayaa

    If The Phones OS Version Is 8.1 Means Its Display Will Be Full HD (1080), But It Had Mentioned As Hd Display.Full HD Display Is One Of The Main Diff Between WP8 And WP8.1 Right?

  • Nokia Fan

    This phone looks cool but 512MB of ram is not pleasing. This is one area where not does not look at, “The ram area,” to avoid low end windows having 1GB of Ram of the 920. Nokia should make smaller versions of Ram that don’t exceed 1GB and are above 512MB of Ram. 640MB for the Lumia 5 series , 768MB for the Lumia 6 series and 896MB for the Lumia 7 series of Ram .Who knows when Nokia does this the Low end Lumia windows phone will be bought like hot cake? This windows phone desrves 896MB of Ram.God bless.

  • Nokia Fan

    Nokia should also look at the storage they don’t need 16GB for the low end windows phone but something a bit bigger than 8GB. 10GB for the Lumia 5 series, 11GB for the Lumia 6 sereis, 12GB for the 7 series. How is that idea? if this phone can have pure view then lumia 5,6 series deserve Carl Zeiss.God bless.

  • nokia fan

    again the same mistake by nokia.
    The only reason for not purchasing 720 was 512MB ram, and i was waiting for upgraded version.
    Here it is but it agains kills my expectations.
    Nokia please dont repeat these big mistakes