Nokia Lumia 935 is the First Windows 10 Phone Ever… a Quad HD Handset

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Windows 10 became real a few days ago, after being announced by Microsoft and we learned at the time the OS was going to grace both our smartphones and tablets. The same OS is also coming to the PC and Xbox, apparently. Well, today we stumble upon the Nokia Lumia 935, a handset that runs said OS.

Lumia 935

The Nokia Lumia 935 Windows 10 smartphone was rendered by Ibrahim Sujau and it features a 5.5 inch display with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, a 20 megapixel camera and 64 GB of storage. There’s a microSD card slot on board, 2 GB of RAM and aluminum used as the construction material. The design is all Fabula here, with a back side that reminds me of the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 925 a bit.

There speaker is now bigger and we’ve got 3 pins for the charging cradle also at the back. I can’t tell if the Windows Phone buttons are virtual or capacitive, but I’m leaning towards the latter. The sides of the phone seem to be made of metal, while the back is probably polycarbonate. The screen looks mighty crisp and Windows 10 has taken transparency to a new level.

[Thanks Ibrahim Sujau]

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  • m.Rezaei

    Please leak more image ، it’s very beautiful ، thanks.

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  • Wayne

    Excellent i’m a lumia 1020 owner love the specs and the addition of the micro sd slot, is USB drive connectable please say yes.Again excellent resolution. YAHOOO!!!

  • etienne

    So stupid, it’s literally a 925!
    Come on guys!

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  • victor

    5 inch screen is more than enough. RAM can be 3gb. Add Water and dust resistance. Wireless charging can be made external to reduce the size.

  • peter

    very nice phone,always lumia….

  • JerryK

    Fantastic! I’ve had iPhone, Android & Lumia 920. I want to buy this Lumia 935 & Win10 immediately!

  • I was using a Nokia Lumia 920, and m looking forward to buying dis 935. Nokia lUMIA for life. I love i love

  • Mustafa

    Real nokia series are my favorite phone now. 935 yeah i can’t wait for this veeeery gooodaahh

  • rohan

    I would really like Microsoft to make this exact phone rendered above with a QHD display,3gb of RAM,microSD card slot and windows phone 10

  • rk bastia

    I’ve a lumia 530…luv windows and Nokia

  • papputhakur

    very nice phone,always lumia…

  • sunny

    I love nokia Lumia series…

  • Sarit Nandi

    I have Lumia 925 and I’m realy enjoying with it. Microsoft’s concept is so cooland very nice. but they doesn’t release Lumia 1525 or 1530 or 935 or 940/940XL or any other amazing cool looking slim modles.

  • Subham

    I likes Lumia mobile’s.l want to meet windows10.

  • Sanjay gupta

    Suprb phone

  • Mtero T

    Am using Lumia nokia 930 but am looking forward to 935

  • Randall Armstrong

    Ok, since your web site somehow knows me; I ‘ve been wanting to eplace my long parade of burn phones
    with something I could use as an additional tethered wifi hot spot,and I looked at hp elite x3 ; lumia 950:
    each beginning to be available used on ebay and amazon. Then I ran across these new old stock
    at+t mygophone lumia 635s on ebay. though very in expensive might not save windows 10 mobile,
    This should cost about $35.00 for a new lumia 635 and a 5gb min data plan or “MOBILE SHARE” plan.
    {about $50.00) per mo. MAYBE AS CHEAP AS IT GETS
    NICE POST thanx