Nokia Lumia 950 is a Curved Handset With a Futuristic Design

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After so many rectangular devices and predictable shapes, here comes the Nokia Lumia 950 to change the norm, with some interesting curves. The design is curved both at the front and back and its profile too, so we’re dealing with something that I call “a flattened American football ball”.

This concept was created by industrial designer Zelig Fok and you should know that the top and bottom of the handset are able to change color and light up for notification purposes. The color gets cleared when there’s no notification. At the back we have a sliding lens that makes you avoid lens smudging and the entire device is wrapped in glass, so there’s no exact and clear bezel at the edges of the screen. You always ask us what software the designers use for creating such concepts.

Well, this time we know: Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop and the designer is also working on learning some CAD. As you probably figured out, the Nokia Lumia 950 is a Windows Phone 8 device, with curved Gorilla Glass wrapped around it and translucent plastic ends. Wireless charging is also here and as far as specs go, the designer couldn’t decide on them. So, let us imagine the hardware features: 4.5 inch 768p display, 21 megapixel camera with PureView tech, 32 GB of storage, 1.5 GB of RAM and a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.  So, what do you think of this Nokia industrial design?

[via Mynokiablog]