Nokia Lumia Evolution Runs Windows Phone Apollo, Looks Pretty

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And here we are with a brand new Nokia Windows Phone concept, the Lumia Evolution, that seems to feature a camera with a dual flash. This is a Windows Phone 8 Apollo model with a pretty thin waistline and somehow it reminds me a bit of the Nokia Lumia 710, although I hope it swapped its plastic back for metal.

The interesting bit is the lower side where the speaker is and the cute little audio jack with teh rounded segment around it. Also, notice how the Home button with the Windows symbol has evolved. As far as the hardware of the Nokia Lumia Evolution goes, we have here a 4.5 inch HD screen, 64 GB of internal memory and most likely a dual core CPU made by Qualcomm. Intel could also be part of this initiative, but I’m not sure they’ll be ready with a good enough CPU to use on a phone meant to sell millions of units.

AT the back I expect something like a 12MP camera with PureView technology, maybe some 4G LTE, NFC and the latest in Bluetooth and WiFi tech. This concept looks pretty realistic and it’s finally a break from all those Nokia N9 copycats… Do you like it? This concept was created by Deviantart user LokiBartleby.

[via Deviantart]