Nokia MeeGo Phone of the Future, a Convergent Device?

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Jedibeeftrix published an interesting post on this blog, detailing the future of Nokia devices, focused on the MeeGo platform. He also mentioned a wishlist for the features to appear on this ideal smartphone/MID/tablet. So, what do you want on it? Post a comment below and fill the wishlist!

As far as the blogger mentions, we learn that the handset should sport a 4 inch AMOLED WVGA display, a capacitive unit with multitouch support, a dual core ARM Cortex A8 CPU and a virtual keyboard.

A camera like the one on Nokia N8 should also be on board, plus a Xenon flash and enough memory and connectivity for the most picky users.

[via GSMDome]

  • Patrick

    “A camera like the one on Nokia N8 should also be on board”?

    I’m sure there is a sizeable portion of the market who want a device with a fast processor and a multitude of connectivity options without the lens and flash paraphernalia of cameras.
    Spare us the camera and use the space for a bigger battery – or indeed make a thinner device.
    It seems to me that people who are serious about photography would carry a separate device for that anyway and images can easily be shifted between devices.

  • Mobilemaster Sealblaighter

    My wishes are the followings from a Meego device:
    4.2 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, full QWERTY keypad, 512 Mb Ram, 64Gb of internal storage(expandable with at least 16GB), 1GHZ CPU, 8MP camera with HD video recording.

  • Jack

    ^^ Pfft, amateur, must be a yank! My wishes would be: S Series device (top of the range series) running the latest MeeGo, 4.5 inch Super AMOLED HD Screen w 1024×820 res, an option for Qwerty with or without, 1GB of RAM, 64 Gb of memory with max up to 82GB, 1.5ghz-2ghz CPU, 14mp Camera w/ Xenon Flash and HD Video at 1080fps, 2mp front videocalling camera, dual video calling so you can speak to more than one person at a time, the ability to multitask when videocalling and the acceloremeter for 3G videocalls offering 3D technology without the glasses.

  • Mobilemaster Sealblaighter

    Hey, Nokia can’t make such a phone so soon what you mentioned here. :)) And don’t call me an amateur ok?? Because I know probably more than you!

  • Jack

    You do NOT know more than me, buddy, trust me on this one, i do this for a living and the specs I have mentioned aren’t too far from actually coming to fruition, but the company must be able to stick to thier budget forecast per annum before committing to ‘fantasy’ projects and going mainstream with such devices with the advertising, the latter will bring in more revenue than say the sales so detail is everything. In fact, only a big company like Apple or Nokia/Samsung will be able to pull this off.

    Circa 2012 will will see such devices, as the world economy recovers by then a lot of companies, not just the smartphone industry will spend thier time on future research and FUND it too. Given the technology we have today, we should be able to produce such a phone today, but a) is the market ready after the Iphone 4 hype and b) what is the specific audience and what do the company hope will make this more than just another iphone killer wannabe, it has to have appeal and a marketing gimmick to make it the must-have device amongst not just the masses but super famous celebrities and the media whilst not discounting a groundbreaking tech saavy premium device that will join the ranks of the GameBoy, Ipod, RAZR, Iphone.

  • Mobilemaster Sealblaighter

    Jack! You have to learn more too. 😀 Your specs are awesome, but you can forget it. We will NOT see such devices till 2011 late, 2012. You mentioned too that we will see in 2012 such devices, but Nokia wants to make a great phone NOW, NOT in 2012. In 2012 HTC 4 example will have 2.5 GHZ CPU phones, Sony Ericsson will have 21MP camera phones. Samsung will have also awesome phone then. We will see in 2012 more waterproof phones, we will see shock resistant phones, fingerprint sensor phones. But let’s talk about the present.

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  • Santanu

    I want to suggest a concept to NOKIA
    According to me a phone with the down stated specs would be a hit…
    1> 1.2ghz processor
    2> 12mp camera,hd vdo capture,large zoom atleast 8x,smile & face detection,xenon flash for still & 2 led flash for vdo
    3> SCREEN RESOLUTION comparable to Iphone4
    4> MEAGO OS (dual os will also work as symbian has got more apps)
    6> 3.7 or 4 inch AMOLED screen,capacitive screen ofcourse
    7> UI better than other nokia phones,UI must include transparent pannels,smart animations
    8> acclerometer,proximity sensor,magnetometer
    9> battery must be 1500mAh
    10> usb on the go is a good idea
    11> 3g front camera
    12> surround sound speakers
    13> if the above stated specs can b fitted in a light alluminium body thn alls well

  • Mobilemaster Sealblaighter

    Hi! Nokia should make a phone with these specs: 1.5 GHZ Dual Core, 1 GB Ram, 64 GB of on board memory, memory card, 12 MP camera with Xenon flash and 3x optical zoom. Good battery, 4.2 inch XGA Super LCD screen.
    How about these specs? Please reply me.

  • santanu

    hi mobilemaster sealblaighter
    At first i also thought of a mobile phoone with specs like your specs but thn i thought of customer’s budget
    I really admire the specs that u hav posted but i don’t think that if NOKIA makes such a high end mobile thn any1 will b capable to afford it
    According to your specs the mobile would cost about 35000 Rs(plz transpalte it in your respective currency)
    So i think that we must promote a concept having lower specs but is extraordinary too in the same time..
    Plz contact me in if needed