Nokia N1 Runs Android 4.0, Features PureView 41MP Camera

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This may not be much of a concept, but the idea behind it is great. We’ve already seen Android 4.0 ported to the Nokia N9 and now Deviantart use Slatd created this render that shows us a potential future Nokia model. Meet the Nokia N1, the very first model to run Android 4.0 ICS preinstalled.

This phone comes with the 41 megapixel Nokia PureView camera sensor, a HD ClearBlack display and the pure Google experience. Since right now Nokia is teamed up with Microsoft there’s no way you’ll see something like this, but give  it some time and maybe Nokia will come around and get rid of Windows Phone. It’s interesting to see those capacitive buttons below the display on the device and they actually look pretty nice. The creator of this 41 megapixel Android cameraphone says that he took the Lumia 800 as inspiration.

So, this means we’re dealing with a 3.7 inch smartphone with upgraded resolution, probably the best pixel density out there since it’s 720p on a smaller than usual diagonal. I’ve seen a while ago some Nokia N9 clones made in China and they ran Android, so it’s actually possible to fulfill your fantasy of owning that shell for a device and with a custom OS of your choice.

[via Deviantart]

  • really it’s a too good but i missing front camera in this phone….and flase for the back camera……not an issue i hope u will do the better……

  • zky3do

    Its so cool.

  • Prasanta

    i am sure that the phone will over priced.

  • amit

    what will be the price of this phone?……
    have any one any idea about this?…..

  • jeet

    pack your bag samsung

  • (Nokia concept)
    that is attractiv him feutures [i like nokia concept android mobile]

  • I am not happy Nokia used android

  • Anonymous

    come on nokia no 1…….!

  • faizan

    Its fake

  • Anonymous

    i have waiting for this

  • Very good

    Very good Nokia uses Android :).

  • Syed Amber Abbas

    NOKIA is going to launch COFFEE ANDROID phone in 2014 but this is a not a original concept.

  • Anji73

    If nokia comes up with android people definitly supports because they love nokia and android also, the combination breake the industry.

  • ismail

    Just think and listen these r all rumors nokia is gone samsung is ten step ahead than nokia and even micromax is brilliant

  • i ve being waiting 4 this since al this days nokia android, let it be perfect, i cant wait 2 c dis.

  • witchcraftmaster

    I have 920 and been thinking of having another phone which is android, since i read this article, well i should wait for that android nokia because when it comes to hardware, nokia has the class and durability.. Launch it the soonest please cause i’m really excited to see it in my hand.

  • Anonymous

    we are waiting for android Mobiles in Nokia

  • Ashish

    If Nokia launches the androdi the it will surely get its market back.

  • Nokia should get his market back against Samsung

  • i waiting for this prduct please lonch nokia android soon as possible

  • This would be very fabulos and rocking

  • Raju banerjee

    i am a big fan of nokia i use nokia asha please nokia lonch this cool androed phone….and good bye sumsung and outher brands & come again top in the market….:):):*

  • Anonymous

    come again nokia . we need your original form

  • I shock when i know nokia launching the android mob.

  • Noshad

    I love you nokia

  • hemant ogale

    i m hardly waiting for this new magic phone.

  • Johny

    Nokia is superb

  • Nilavudeen

    come on nokia you will do……….!

  • naveen

    nokia + android = rock the world

  • theba

    Nokia your 1st Android will be the best.
    Because u are the best manufacturer.
    Welcome nokia to android and bye samaung your dad haz arrived

  • Shishir

    Really nokia launching android or not

  • sanjit biswas

    very nice phone,i want this phone

  • Jugraj

    wat will be the cost hehe… :-p

  • Manas Mondal

    I love nokia anroid. Plz lanch M1.

  • Mansoor

    So, nokia decide to come back in business

  • Sathisha H B

    i want nokia android phone…

  • sumit

    Good news friends.

  • Snehal

    I love nokia phone because it’s camera was great, and my 1st choice is NOKIA

  • praveen

    It great nokia again don in the market

  • SETH

    I can’t wait to see the, I have waitied for nokia to build such a phone. Pls hurry let me have it

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  • Shivam Bambhaniya

    Please launched the phone

  • mithilesh

    We are waiting for nokia launched with Android is so come and boom the mobile market top no.1 position get back