Nokia N10 Triple Boot Phone Runs Android, MeeGo and Windows Phone Mango

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Here we are again, with a beautiful Nokia concept phone, one created by Mohammed Shihuzaan. Dubbed the Nokia N10, this model is a triple boot phone, that runs Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Phone Mango and MeeGo Harmattan.

It’s got a white anodized aluminum casing and a very unusual design. I have to say that I haven’t quite seen a lot of asymmetrical industrial designs, but this is one of them. The unit is curved to the left side and the right side bezel is certainly larger than the almost non existing one on the left. Nokia N10 uses a 3.9 inch capacitive screen with 480 x 854 pixel resolution.

LED buttons are placed at the bottom, each with a different use in different operating systems. The specs of the N10 also include 1GB of RAM, Dolby Mobile sound enhancement, 16GB/32GB of internal memory and a dual core 1.2GHz processor. An 8 megapixel camera is found at the back, complete with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual LED flash and 1080p 30 fps video capture.

This model also resembles a sail pretty much, which is a very original approach to industrial design.

[mynokiablog via gsmdome]

  • Tim

    “The unit is curved to the left side and the right side bezel is certainly larger than the almost non existing one on the left” i think that’s not true. the screen is right in middle of the phone. the phone is little rotated in x direction in front shots. can’t you see? or maybe the angle of camera is not positioned to entire phone’s front.
    the phone looks great. it is just an art. i like it.

  • Zoedolf

    it would be cooler if the screen is curved also so it follows the curve of the edge, make it full touch, remove the led buttons, put the n8 camera in it, dont forget the fm transmitter and usb on the go!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think why we never see assymetrical designs like that is because it makes them clearly right or lefthanded.

  • Wishaal

    Cool hope this will come very soon

  • forgot my name

    this is next generation of phone…. it is where the technology ends… good going nokia… nokia was out of competition when other androids were fighting with each other…now it is ready to give a tough competition to other androids and i think its biggest rival would be google nexus 3….

  • Tim

    @Anonymous, i don’t think it makes right/left handed phone. it is perfect for both. this phone could have been nice if it is a QWERTY slider.

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  • Sealblaighter

    It has great specs, and to Run 3 kind of OS, it’s a very smart idea. 🙂

  • majaczek

    it lacks QWERTY
    if it’s not it would be almost perfect phone

  • Anonymous

    very nice fone

  • sexytrojan

    in my opinion, windows phone mango should be replaced be WINDOWS PHONE MANGO+SYMBIAN ANNA OS as it has better looks

  • Shinoy

    I think ram must be more than 2gb & processor need 2.5 or 3.5
    i gurantee company can’t predict how preoder they got…… Just think

  • ASIF


  • deji

    nokia is stupid if the camera is not more than 12 mp,and if it doesn’t have xenon flash.

  • Look here fellas i personaly dont care about nokia anymore and no matter what phone they going to release its always going to be a dumb phone to me
    Nokia they’re making a big mistake by working hand in hand with macrosoft and As for android i dont even like it all
    I wish nokia could listen to me coz i know them from way back
    Nokia was once my favorate and they made really grate phones before
    Phones like N900 a good hand held computing device with so many nice specs including built in divx player,flash player 9.4,maemo 5,intel
    N900 could open any websites just like on the pc
    And we all know that that phone was a good phone because nokia was in partnership with the Intel and now since nokia has side lined their partnership with the Intel for the Useless macrosoft there will never be any nokia with such flash player 9.4 coz intel are the only authorized supplier of such flash player
    We only going to see nokia struggling with the flash player lite 3 pr 4 for that matter and their phones wont have a built in divx player as well as the fm radio

    This will make nokia more useless than any smartphone and besides Nokia will no longer be rated as the smartphone maker
    I have seen their phones from the upcoming N9,X7 and the rest
    Its so painful that users of the nokia phones wont be able to explore the full websites as many websites nowadays requires a device with a flash player 9 or so of which nokia is not offering to any of their upcoming phones

    I think macrosoft aim to destroy the nokia and their End in business will be more effective if ever they move to Android
    My advise to nokia is that they should walk away from this macrosoft and android and start upgrading the maemo 5 to 6,meego and symbiam and perhaps go back to the doing so nokia can make such good smartphones not to be matched with Android at all

  • Nokia fan

    We dont need qwerty pad ,all we need is
    =>flash lite 9
    =>12/15 mp carl zeis xenon flash

  • Nokia fan

    We need Beta flash lite of 9 or 10 like dat of N900…it will suck if dis fone have no fm radio or fm transmitter..12 mp with xenom flash…i wish nokia listen to our contribution..

  • Anonymous

    N8 still the best

  • bazz


    And just 4-5 weeks after you call Nokia smartphones useless for lack of flash support, Adobe confirm that will no longer be developing the platform on mobiles.

    HTML5 is the way the market is now forced to move.

  • Sucheeth

    @ last NOKIA forced to Use Android Shame Shame Puppy Shame

  • Allah Bakhsh

    I love it,,, hope it will be the real, will surely buy, one thing I prefer is 12 MP camera and Xenon flash…. would be rocking if the same will go for it.

  • Really its looking so good. So i was just waiting to take this but in India it dasant launch…

  • Well, if you turn the phone, it could turn the screen too, like with landscape/portrait mode on current phones, just working 360. Then it would be problem solved for non-button phones/designs 🙂

  • Mardick

    When can release the Nokia N10

  • Fawad Zarifi Zazai

    i wish it will be the best one

  • George Z

    if it is a triple boot, Can you still update each individual o/s without disturbing the other 2? is the storage system visible to all 3? I don’t want to have my music and videos in 3 different places, one for each o/s.

    I don’t think sucheeth is right. Nokia is not ‘forced’ to use Android. If so then why will the n10 be, and the n9 is running WP7? WP7 and the up-coming WP8 will be around for a long time and a very decent competitor to Android. I like the versatility of having 3 O/S choices in one phone, just as I like the versatility of having 6 home screens on my N8.

  • Faiz

    what the price and india launch date??



  • deepu

    is this true?i cant believe.

  • Wind

    Oh god, if this is true…

  • Ali

    can any one inform me that when n10 is lunching?

  • faizan

    i wish nokia to give upgrades for my 701 belle to windows if possible or the n9 meego
    if nokia is in lifetime and quality
    try to be also in softwares and apps, games etc
    thats all i could say
    all the best……

  • xfk2624

    3 operatng systems? Nice idea. Make sure though its 12 or more megapixels, flash 9, fm radio, make sure all music, videos and documents will be accesible regardless of the os you boot into.. Then it would be perfect smartphone

  • sugeeth,you said nokia forced to use android.i tell u one example ,nobody willing to buy without android samsung mobiles ,because all users are expecting android os in is not forced.always nokia will be the winner

  • rk

    umm. People
    nokia refused to work with android so there is no way there will android in it
    2nd thing is that the phone cant even run 2 OS’s with 1gb ram
    and this is full of bull shit

  • Mich

    on a smartphone u dont need 2 Ghz
    i havent 2 Ghz on the pc why i need 2.5 Ghz on my phone===??? U know what kind of operation made a kernel phone???
    Is not needed too clock rate!! enought 1.5 Ghz is perfect
    RAM must be over 1 GB but not over 2GB
    is issueless

  • Wind

    768MB RAM is enough

  • BestHuman

    stupid noob only meego system spend 976Mb RAM
    i have only 5 Mb free. And i dont use anything now but system eat more 95% of RAM
    then only 978 Mb not enough
    u dont use MeeGo if u tell so

  • Wind

    Sorry, I thought it was Symbian Belle, not MeeGo. I use only Android.
    LOL, even Android isn’t as resource-hungry as MeeGo. A mobile OS that takes 976MB RAM, that’s ridiculous. The requirement for Android 4.0 and 4.1 is 512MB RAM, and on 768MB RAM it’s perfect.

  • Mich

    if u had N9, u should know that device suck unless 780Mb only for UI-system and others 200Mb are free
    so if u put only 800Mb device will not very quick with tasks

  • dip thanki

    NOKIA N10 defeat iphone 5 and 6 mindbliwing invention

  • shahnawaz shah

    its fake news the phone shown in pichurs is lumia

  • riya

    when it will be available in india???? is there any front camera???

  • bestThing

    This object dosent exist!
    It never been built and won’t ever be

  • Nokia

    and lumnia it isnt like this…
    lumnia is like n9 ..
    this dream built is never been built..

  • Mostapha

    If you make it water proof and so with a good TV player compatible for all countries systems, it would be wonderful.

  • Bikash

    It is very nice phone.

  • Nokia Fan

    What is the point of making phones that don’t exist? if they are not going to be lauched?

  • Sourav Jana

    I want 5 inch amoled display, 20 mega pixel camera and xenon flash, minimum 720*1280 resolution, slim look like lumia 1020, lumia 1520 ,1.5gz processor and 2gb ram, gorilla glass protection and obiouslly android os and java mid emulator in a nokia smartphone at rs-250000 to rs- 30000