Nokia N8 2017 Concept Will Make You Drool

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Nokia fanboys are probably super excited that the Finns are bringing back the Nokia 3310 and supposedly the N Series too. While the 3310 has received its fair share of leaks and concepts, the jury’s still out on the N Series thing. Luckily we have inspired designers to make up for that. One such designer is Vishnu Raj, who envisioned the Nokia N8 (2017).

I remember the Nokia N8, like it appeared yesterday. I was messing about with it in 2011, I filmed a bunch of concerts with it and was very happy with its 12 megapixel camera. The OS was rather “meh” and a lot of bugs were present. The design was also pretty nice, albeit massive. Vishnu proposes a modern approach for Nokia N8 2017, with a dual back camera and a narrow bezel screen. It adopts a rectangular format, with less round areas than one would expect for 2017.

The bottom bezel feels like a throwback to the last decade Nokia concepts, and there’s also a fingerprint scanner crammed in there. I find it overkill that there’s a Nokia logo both at the back and front, so we’d be better off with that LED bar that lights up below the screen. I can’t quite tell which material is used for the back side, maybe ceramic?

[via Behance]

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