Nokia N9 Lannku Leaked Ahead of CommunicAsia 2011!

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Nokia N9 has just been leaked thanks to the guys of Pocketnow, who provide press-like shots of a device codenamed Lannku (or is it Lankku?). This unit might be showcased in just hours during the Nokia Connection 2011 event included in CommunicAsia 2011. Here’s the newcomer:

Rumor has it that the N9 comes with a touchscreen candybar design, ships in pink, black and blue and packs an 8 megapixel camera. No QWERTY keyboard here, but what we do have is a qHD resolution and the fact that the model runs MeeGo Harmattan. This night just got more exciting. Are we witnessing the promised Nokia disruption of the market?

Feel free to comment below? We have 4 hours left till the big Nokia speeches begin here.

[via Pocketnow]