Nokia N950 Brings a Twist to the Original Design of the N900

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Nokia N950 is the creation of Vladimir Zorin, an interesting upgrade of the N900 design. The device is able to slide in two directions, revealing a 3 row QWERTY keyboard in one sliding direction and a numeric pad plus the D Pad segment of the QWERTY slider in the other.

The handset looks pretty bulky and we bet MeeGo would fit right on. The first type of sliding mechanism, shown in the image above is designed rather for nostalgics, than for practical use. Who would need numeric keys once we have a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard available?

[via zorinv]

  • Almehdi

    Great! But i would much more prefer a fourth row than a numpad. And how would that keyboard look with a different language (like swedish å,ä,ö). Also the return key is positioned wrong. It doesn’t say how big the screen is but it should be at least 4 inches.

  • Brock

    that pictures are NOT the N950, its an art work from another site.

    The N950 may have a keyboard, but i dont think that, because meego is designed to be used without an keyboard, and the n9 with a keyboard have been canceled, so there is a great chance that is wont have a keyboard

  • Brett

    Should be a 4 row keypad like the n9 flip out style incorperating a number pad with the arrow keys ,the 2 way slider shown is more of a gimmick and not practical.
    you can still have soft numbers when using as phone so dont see the point of this keypad design

  • Jonas Lihnell

    Meh. Slide it the bottom for a keyboard. Slide it out the top and turn it around 180 degrees for a gamepad.

    How hard can it be, the n900 is to me the answer to “how do I play my games when I’m not at home?”

    It can be as thick, as heavy, as power-consuming as ever. If they release a new n900 with dual-use keyboard which slides both ways for keyboard+gamepad I’ll pay it up. Simple as that.

  • me

    Nostalgic? It’s simply perfect! Or how could you write a message and drink a beer same time? Do you really like to guess four times whether you hit the right key to write a simple ‘z’ or don’t you like to feel where your finger really is? My fingers are simply not small enough to fit on an onscreen keyboard, and in no case my thumb is it. Maybe a transparent thumb could solve this problem too.

  • BaptX

    Wonderfull, the double slide isn’t a bad idea. I really hope the N950 will come with a physical keyboard and will keep an N900-like design!

  • Pretty cool, but a Photoshop fake I think based on images of the N900. Looking at the style of the E7, X7, N8 we can see what the Nokia industrial designers are thinking and I believe the N950 will look closer to the leaked N9 or the released E7.

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  • th3d

    i wish this is real, but i dont think so. The rumored N9 photos was disappointing, i hate that N97/E7 style keyboard mechanism (the violent slammer) and the screen that flips up when opening. This concept would be much better, now only need a touchpad for navigation instead of the cursor keys (like HTC Desire Z, a perfect phone if it wasnt for Android being such crap)

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