Nokia N-Gage 2, Return of the Gaming Phone From Nokia, With a Nintendo Twist This Time

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Nokia’s N-Gage device was a hit when it came out, but it quickly died because of the lack of games. Many people have been expecting a resurrection of the product for a while now, but all we have at the time are concepts, like the N-Gage N-02 design you can see below, created by AMAQUI (ibolzurikato).

We’re dealing here with a gaming phone that runs Windows Phone and has a Nintendo twist to the experience, as shown by its sliding area with gaming controls and secondary touch pad/screen. It’s strange to see Microsoft giving its OS to something that’s not Xbox-based and instead uses Nintendo technology, but stranger things have happened. This new Nokia N-Gage uses a 4.1 inch OLED Gorilla Glass display, supports NES carts (somehow) and it’s compatible with all the famous Nintendo ROMs.

Inside there’s a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor (in a dual core flavor probably) and we also get a 3D display, in case you’re wondering. Basically, imagine a hybrid between the Nintendo 3DS and a Windows Phone unit.. Would it sell better than the Xperia Play?

[via Deviantart]

  • k0nrad

    That would be the greatest smartphone ever but I dont see it in the next century.

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  • o n-gage novo seria muito massa nao vejo a hora de sair uma nova versao dele

  • jayesh joshi

    I like a nokia ngage new mobail plic rilis a india

  • Brett.Ca.usa

    I would defiantly BUY THE N-GAGE N-02 Nintendo Nokia phone I would pay up to $600 buks for this phone I hope they make it

  • Nokia gage is a very attract smartgage it features is cool and very good feature is that it’s display is 3D we like nokia