Nokia Note Phablet Has a Very Interesting Music Player Integrated

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Mohammad Mahdi Azimi sent us what looks like a very original and interesting Nokia phablet concept. It’s called simply the Nokia Note, it’s wide and big and integrates a music player accessory. The designer didn’t send us specifications, so we’ll let our fantasies run wild and concoct some.


So, we’re dealing here with a Windows Phone 8 phablet, a wide Nokia device that probably measures around 5.5 inches in diagonal and has a 1280 x 768 pixel resolution of maybe even 1080p. As you can see there’s a stylus integrated at the back, probably with some proprietary Nokia technology that rivals Samsung’s S Pen. The most interesting part however is the Nokia music player at the back, that can be detached from the Nokia Note and used as sort of an iPod nano if you want.

The only bad thing about this idea is leaving that gap behind when the player is in use. Maybe covering it up with a lid would have been a good idea? Or maybe even use that slot for modular purposes and integrate and extra Pureview camera module, an extra battery boost or a crazy feat like 4 microSD card slots. How about that?

[Thanks Mohammad Mahdi Azimi]