Nokia Shows us the Future of Handset Interaction (Video)

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Nokia used the talents of Kevin Cannon and Tobias Toft, both attending classes at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction, in order to showcase the company’s ideas for future mobile phone interaction. The two showed how they think that mobile phones will change in the next 2, to 4 years.

The result can be seen in the videos below:

1. Mobile Playfulness from Kevin Cannon on Vimeo.

These videos were done following extensive research, interviews with 4 people and the result were 3 areas of focus: “Playfulness”, “Staying Connected” and “People Centric”. All of these concepts will help people stay in touch with their loved ones, stay playful while using a Nokia mobile phone and keep a friends list under a more fun to use shape.

I particularly like the second concept video, since it’s basically a new way to connect people, while the playful friends interface is not something I’m really fond of, since it tends to be a bit too playful for adult users.

2. Staying Connected from Kevin Cannon on Vimeo.

3. Little World from Kevin Cannon on Vimeo.

[via IntoMobile]