Nokia Stealth, a Mid Level Handset Design by Reginald Shola Hingston

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While Nokia’s busy with readying a bunch of new smarphones and cameraphones, we have a look at a new concept bearing their branding, the Nokia Stealth. Created by Reginald Shola Hingston, this mid level handset is destined to reach the pockets of tech enthusiasts and you can learn what it’s all about after the break.


The Nokia concept comes with an ergonomically sculpted keypad, that allows the user to easily navigate by touch sensation, plus a rubberised matte textured surface, that absorbs light on radii, giving a feeling of flat facets. Nokia Stealth also uses a pearlescent matte coloring, that gives it a dark red hue, reminding us of radar lenses.

For more projects of this designer you can have a look at his Coroflot profile.

[via Coroflot]


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