Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Design Resembles the N9 Phone

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Nokia World 2011 brought us the first Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices from Nokia and now maybe it’s time to start looking for the first Windows 8 tablet made by the Finns. This could be a slate that looks like the device pictured below, a mere render of a tablet inspired by the Nokia N9.

Nokia must be careful here not to make the same mistake it did when trying to enter the market of netbooks. The Nokia Booklet 3G failed miserably because of the price and I really can’t see a solid reason for its purchase. Since Nokia is all about Microsoft these days, why wouldn’t they also join hands in the tablet field?

I know that MS has been trying long and hard to come up with an iPad rival… Thus, now that the Steve Jobs official biography revealed that the iPad was in fact an idea started to tease Microsoft, the Redmond giant has all the reasons to retaliate and the hardware coming from Nokia to be able to do so. Do you give a Nokia Win 8 tablet any chance of survival?

[Thanks Premysl Vaculík for the tip]