Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept is HERE! Love It or Hate It?

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Today’s shocker (or not so much) was the announcement that Nokia will be working with Microsoft and focusing on Windows Phone 7 for its handsets. Well, not so many hours after that, Engadget found a nifty series of Nokia concept phones running said OS. Apparently, these designs are made by Nokia and Microsoft.

As you can see they borrow heavily from the N8 and C7 Symbian phones and use brightly colored cases. The usual WP7 buttons are present, at the lower side, below the display, that should be between 3.5 inch a 4.3 inch in diagonal (we suppose). We have found out today from Nokia and Microsoft officials that phones like the N8 and E7 won’t receive any WP7 upgrade, so one can only dream.

[via Engadget]