ShapeShifting Nokia Phone is a Pretty Hot Concept

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BloodRabbit, a Product Design Forums user has a Nokia-branded treat for us, a device that features a new display concept that shifts its shape. The ShapeShift project relies on the same idea used to freeze ice cubes: they imitate the shape of the environment that surrounds them.


Nokia ShapeShift comes with a preset form made out of 2 plastic layers, that’ll replace the standard pixel-based screen. One of these layers is a flexible one, while the second is a hard material and between the two there’s some sort of special liquid. This will have the same refraction as the layers.

Moving the liquid around between the layers creates button shapes on the surface of the display, allowing the user to interact with the handset. The cellphone measures 11 x 5,5 x 1,2 cm and weighs 125 grams, while the display is a 4 inch unit.


[via Cameraphonesplaza]