OnePlus 7 is Here in Concept Form, 2019 Flagship Killer

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Even though the OnePlus 6T is not even out yet, people are out there dreaming of the OnePlus 7 already. Who can blame them, since 2019 is going to be a more interesting year than the transitional 2018… Next year will bring some anniversary editions with special features and OnePlus 7 will have to retaliate in style.

Techconfigurations created this device, which to be honest sounds a lot like a OnePlus 6Ts… First of all, the candy red version is here to stay and we’ve also got a similar facade compared to the OnePlus 6T. There’s the teardrop notch, the triple camera, the narrow bezels and hefty metal frame. A 16 MP front camera is included, while the back shooter combines a 16 MP + 20 MP + 16 MP set of cameras.

The screens grows to 6.5 inches and it’s all about that AMOLED Infinity action. I feel that this phone is much sleeker than the OnePlus 6, which may sacrifice the battery a bit. The fingerprint scanner is now embedded into the display, which on paper would make the device thicker. New color choices have been added, like a special brown, yellow and mauve.

To me the glassy back side looks more shiny this time compared to the matte OnePlus 6, so maybe the materials have changed. How about you bring ceramics back like Xiaomi? I also have a feeling that we’ll see two cameras upfront, like HTC and LG are doing.

[via Techconfigurations]

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