Animate Portable Console / Social Networking Device Takes Us Closer to the Portable Xbox

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This is as close to a portable Xbox as it gets and even the green color of the Animate portable device concept reminds us of Microsoft’s console, although it’s a different shade of green. Created by Hugo Kretz and Marc Haldemann, this concept aims to make sedentary children start exercising.


The device comes with a camera, an MP3 player, a wrist watch band, videogames and perhaps even a GPS. There’s even a neat hide & seek-like game to play, as you can see in the video below, after the break.

Animate is a very cool gadget, that I’d love to own if it were real. Nothing would stop Nintendo from dominating the market if they’d manufacture it and I guess they’ll throw in a touchscreen or two, for the DS fanatics. Great job, guys!







[via Yanko Design]