Sony’s Sidekick is the PSP 3

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We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? However, this time we get some video action out of this concept that combines a Sidekick and PSP Slim into a hybrid device. Samuel Lau is the genius behind it and his console comes with a 3.2 megapixel cam plus a full frontal webcam.

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Check out that slide-up QWERTY keyboard, that should make all gamers avid texters and chatters. This is more than an idea, it’s an initiative that, if successful will make mister Lau quite famous and maybe make his dreams come true.

He seems to believe that enough views and comments will make his project feasible for Sony, so let’s make his dream real!



[via Yanko Design]

  • shyheim

    If it comes out I gonna get it no more phone and computer when u have all of it there

  • ashley irizarry

    how much is it…….

  • anna

    is it even for sale

  • destiny

    omg this is wicked i love the ideaq mister l we need to talk i love ur idea i want one as soon as sony accepts omg awesome

  • playaboy

    when does it come out

  • Wjsjssss

    Im speechless

  • Anonymous


  • dailyn

    wow if it was for sell i would be loved to buy the psp sidekick

  • troy lyne

    that is best thing i ever saw its hotttttttttttt like hell

  • Dylan

    If this comes out im gonna be mad cuz i just bougt a psp 3000 like 2 days ago and i want this really bad but i dont like the red i want a black one i wish they already made them

  • nick

    the best thing ever made if they sell it they will best #1cell phone seller i love it

  • dominique

    if this comes out, so many people are going to buy this. if Sony was smart, they would accept this and sell it pronto.

  • dj

    this should be what a psp should look like . unlike their own creations . but the problem with this is dat How is it going to flip it should be like a sidekick LX,2,3,ID,or 2008. that will bring up the marketing in sony psp. and that’s what i think. and in the back it should say PSP FLIP! unlike their psp they cant compete with concept psps.

  • ? mac man¿

    is the psp go the same thing?

  • jenny

    wow.what a brilliant idea.
    i like it.looks nice too.=]
    i’mma get one if it comes out.

  • leesha

    This is the greatest idea to ever come even close to SONY. If they don’t accept this and get it out there quick, someone else will do it first and they’ll end up like the ipad: a useless remake of the original. It’s already on the internet. There’s no turning back. Do it now or maybe i will.

  • ang

    wow this thing is awsome, ive got both the psp go and the psp 3000 but i was going to trade them for a nitendo 3Ds but if they make this the new psp then forget about the 3ds im in for the psp awsome

  • when does this come out im freakin out. im getting one as soon it comes out

  • carl

    wow if this phone is out this would b the last phone i will ever need only thing it should have android 3.0 os,



  • jenny


  • i think overall Sony must take this new dimensional design and place it into action its a beautiful blend!!. the main key in making this work is screen size .. maximal .. making sure the screen is big but not over big to sustain the two blends its an amazing idea and has alot of potential . genius .. if its ever marketed i Would be a buyer of this ( INNOVATION!!!)

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